Random Randomness #25/08


Its been a long time since I chose to do my favorite series “random randomness”, last time it was week 15 2008, and before that it was week #8, so finally its back for a while this week, the week #25
This week its not going to be the usual set of random topics, this time its just a update.

This weekend it was the old boys hanging out, well its me and my cousin doing the stuff we used to do..roam the city, look at amusing stuff to buy, and eat our hearts out, talk and laugh at silliest of the jokes. Not a bad weekend at all, it was totally worth taking time off early from work on friday, and two days of absolute fun.

One realization is that, I have got so used to be at home on weekends, my legs seem to not like all the walking around at all, now that he has gone back, and me back to my computer, why do I have a feeling of “being done with the fun” nows the time to take rest for the rest of the weekend. My want lasted only for 1.5 days?..what has happened to me?


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  1. What if you were to follow that fun??? Where would it take you???

    You know fun is kinda funny…so at times it surprises when it no longer stays funny..and when it turns fun again

  2. i think you need to break out and have some fun of a variety you are unaccustomed.. sometimes the same of fun is just that,,, old,, and you need the stimulus of something new and exciting to really put the life back in it…..

    Paisley.. I totally agree with you..but that being said..you know how reluctant of a trier I am 🙂

  3. I miss the randomness.

    Silver..you don’t know how much important these words for me..thank you so much

  4. Hey Rambler ..
    there was something i wanted to share .. but couldnt find like a neutral space so using up this post to comment ..

    You say *There is no such thing as destiny, there are, just different choices.” and its making me wonder.. Isnt making the choice we do end up making , destiny?

    Nice space … would be back to hear what you have to say abt my comment . Random .. isnt it ? 🙂


    Welcome here..firstly I feel so foolish admitting this..but I seem to have forgotten where I mentioned that line 🙂
    In making the choice do we end up making history..very nice topic to think about..when we have made the choice can it be called destiny?..wouldn’t it be more of a outcome rather than destiny?
    But one thing I thought about was..there are times when what we choose can make/break others destiny..all this keeping in mind destiny as something which happens rather than what we make it to happen

  5. Rambler: It is metaphorical not literal.

    ‘Getting out’ means getting out of familiar situations whether it is doing different things in leisure, reading things one would normally not read (e.g. I do not care for religion but I read extensively on several religions to understand why their followers say what they say), even watching different things on TV (e.g. I do not normally watch football, but I did, yesterday) and so on.

    Familiarity breeds contempt – and boredom. 🙂 Even what appears ordinary and regular is being reinvigorated every day by those who seem to enjoy that ‘ordinary and regular’.

    Shefaly..somehow thought you meant literally here :)…oh yeah that I am trying..reading diff things and watching diff things too..may be I should try something other than reading and watching..like literally going out 🙂

  6. Hmm.. we ll try and help you find where i read what i commented on. Try “Wanna Think”
    Infact would love to comment of almost all ‘thoughts’ put up there .. so how do i do that?

    CM…hehhe thanks for the hint..I got it :).. well I got a little lost because those are not what I said..they are quotations which I liked..I think this one from Richard Bach. Please do comment on all of them..you could use any post for that..am sure it would be lovely to read them.

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