blink and,
So why
have to


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  1. Like, as always I have some doubts! 🙂 Is this related to death? Is ‘you’ here refers to one person only or you are talking about two different people!

    Nope Neilina..this isn’t related to can be that as well though..the “you” is the same person in both the cases.

    Sometimes we have to wait! Blink is also a moment, may be a moment of utter importance in someone’s life! Waiting is always with a hope. A hope that some moment will come, even if it is just a fraction of a fraction of a second. I am waiting to ‘go’, then I will surely wait for that moment even-if my going will be a ‘blink’!

    You have a good point here..moment can be of utter importance…but I would go for a moment and give rest of my life for it?..well thats a question each of us need to answer to ourselves.. I guess.

    Thanks Rambler for these lines! Good one to ponder about. I am thinking, in-case we don’t wait, will there me more happiness? Can we be happy more? then there will be no restriciton, no obligation! To Accept whatever comes, is also a big courage! hmmm……

    Bless You Always! ~Namaste~

    Neilina.May be we will be more happy..or rather less know the two need not be same right.

  2. okay this time I am not gonna draw conclusion. will wait for you to shell out the beans !! 😀

    BM..Actually this was one had not much hidden :)…You know people sometimes stay with you just for a blink..and then they are were they worth the blink?.. I mean should they really have to wait..they could have left us without even coming in front of us, or when they decided to come into our life..why did they have to wait to leave..just when you thought nothing can surprise you and you close your eye just for a blink they are gone…as though they were waiting for you to blink

  3. Yep Rambler! You know what, after you commented that here ‘you’ refers to one person only, m more confused know! 🙂

    As you commented to BM, who decides that they worth the blink or not? Is leaving of someone depends on blink? Don’t you think it is the perception from the one side only. Someone’s presence in one’s life can be a blink only, but tht blink can be someone’s life, may be some doubts can be cleared in a blink!

    I like the your powerful question – would go for a moment and give rest of my life for it? and one more happy or less sad!
    I am loving to think over them!

    Bless You! ~Namaste~

    I think I got confused now 😀

  4. A blink
    And you were gone
    So why did you think it would last forever? much I want to tell myself it wont last forever..but then the mind can play tricks on you..can coerce you into believing this one is different..and then you take a breather and alas “you” are gone

  5. It is better than not having them no ? Some people just enlighten your life being there, does not matter how long they are !!

    BM..its not so easy I all depends how much you are ready to risk..and how many times you have burnt your hands.

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