SShhhhhh…Its a secret


Secrets time…yep, I know as always I have been lazy with my tags, a dear friend “Blue Mist” over at Colors and Lights, had tagged me here at “secrets revealed” almost like a month back, and here I am trying to see if I can get something out.

I am supposed to be revealing a set of 8 secrets about me, well this is a real tough one, I need to dig deep into my closet, lets see how many I can unearth.

  • I have entered women’s loo once in my lifetime. Well it was an accident of course, I was kind of half asleep with a real urgency to find one, I didn’t realize until I got in and began to see that there were no long urinals in there, still not realizing it kind of went into the ones with the door, and came out. Only the next morning I realized what I had done. Can I blame this on work stress? Hehhe
  • I always considered sleeping with a body pillow as very girly thing to do, but somewhere I have a fear that I might end up liking it if I start doing it. Oh man this was one of the toughest secrets get out of me.
  • I love to have mid night snacks, I was so obsessed with the idea that I used to stay awake with lots of difficulty until 12 o clock so that I can get to have the satisfaction of having a midnight snack. It usually used to be chocolate bar, and at very rare times I end up making myself a full fledged southing Indian breakfast at the middle of the night.
  • I am too afraid of dogs, I think I have mentioned this already,  whenever they come near me, even if they are puppies, I kind of feel afraid, What do I do about this one?
  • I once in a while exaggerate incidents when I make a post out of them, Is this a writer’s fault?, or may be its in my personna
  • I claim peach is my favorite color, but I never buy anything for myself in that color, mainly because I like it only on women and am more or less ashamed to admit I observe what women wear.
  • I like to skip showers on weekend, and am easily caught by mom every time.
  • I am shy to get into swimming pools, I don’t like to get into bathing suits and get into the pools, so I normally choose the night times when there are hardly any people around.

Cool! ….not bad…I did find eight of them.
So any of you guys wanna try?


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  1. hehehehehe….the first one is really funny! I can’t control my laughter. 🙂 You can keep one pet….prefferably a sweet doggie!

    This post is really really great! Nice to know about secrets. 🙂 I enjoyed reading this one! Why don’t you increase the number, 8 seems to be small number!

    Neilina..A doggy no way..

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  3. i would say.. that if you get yourself a body pillow that is shaped like a dog,, you could get comfy with dogs and not too comfy with body pillows all at the same time……. or you could just come over here and sleep with moo moo , my rottweiler,, she is a snugly body pillow with teeth!!!!!

    Paisley…hahah I think you had the worst combination 😀

  4. Entered a women’s loo by mistake?
    As for the dogs, am frightened of them too 😀
    So if you find a way to get over it, do let me know
    And I love body pillows, so does that make me girly? 😛

    CR..Hmm??? sounds fishy…what was that…lets make a fearer or something..girly?? yeah may be 🙂

  5. some real honest secrets let out there…
    hope u werent exaggerating this time 😉
    and yeah, the only way u can get over ur fear of dogs, is go get one 😀


    pri..exaggerating..what do you think :)..get one? me ??? no way

  6. eeekkksss!!!!! um too scared of dogs!!! jus cant stand next to one without my legs shakin!!!!

    btw how do i get a copy of the whole wonderyears from u 😀 😀 too?…wonder years..buddy thats a lot of work 🙂

  7. Wow finally you did this one. Thanks 🙂

    You are scared of Dogs alone ? I am kinda scared of any pet 🙂

    Peach huh ? Guess you like other pastel shades as well ? 😉

    Peach colored Dog 😀 :d I am ROFL after reading Paisley’s and Lea’s Comments !! 😀 😀

    BM..see finally I did this 🙂
    I am too in general not so much into pets..pastel shades are gooood 🙂

  8. Good. Best way to overcome dog fear or shy swimming is to indulge in it.
    I have taken midnight biriyani in Hyderabad couple of times and used to stay awake until 2am or so…

    Vijay..sounds fun ..midnight madness with hyderabadi spicy stuff 🙂

  9. he he he….veryyyyyy funnyyyyyyy 😀 enjoyed it a lot.. espcly d 1st n d 2nd one 😛

    but y r u afrd of dogs dear??? 😦 …. ther r so cute n adorable. i tell u wat…. hav a pet dog (just gv it a try) , m sure u cnt escape falling in love with that lil creature..aftrall thy r considerd to be man’s best fren 🙂

    take care
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thanks preeti..i have been afraid of dogs as long as I can no way 🙂

  10. The best way to get rid of a fear is to face it. Be around lots of dogs. I know it’s scary but the more you’re around them the less you will fear them. If you’re ever in the States comes to my house for some pit bull love.

    Aimee..Thanks for the offer :)..but somehow I can’t get myself near dogs 🙂

  11. Scared of dogs????? :O
    See my golden lab and u’ll absolutely fall in love wid these creatures! 🙂

    Rash…I think its difficult for my stand to change when it comes to dogs 🙂

  12. Sorry… can’t let the dog thing go… you do know don’t you, that dogs, especially the friendly ones, can be the BEST way to meet people??? People flock to you when you walk a dog. You can be polite and move on, or when someone interesting comes by, spend as much time talking as you want! (no oops here as they are right in front of you patting your dog!!!) They (the dog) give you affection like nothing else, teach you how to love in the most non-intrusive way possible, love you unconditionally despite your faults, and break your heart when they leave, leaving a hole so big you HAVE to get another…

    Lea…I think dogs are really good as long as they dont come near me :)…I agree with all the things you say about dogs..but when they come near me I get really tensed 🙂

  13. Good one. I don’t like big dogs. We all gotsome of these things. I never heard about body pillows before

    Marja..finally one other who doesnt like dogs…really? you never heard?

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