Ooops I did it again…. Heads or Tails #46


I generally go grocery shopping with my dad, well surprising to many because I am this lazy guy who hates to get out of the house, but when it comes to shopping for groceries I am always game. I kind of like checking out the new stuff in the market. In an effort to ape the west, our local grocery stores too have become trendy, with aisles together of unwanted stuff to buy, but then I am not complaining,  I generally like browsing these aisles, and my dad is the strict shopper types, who makes the list of things and then goes directly to the isles where we find them.
So usually you can spot us in different isles, me checking out the prices of the new stuff and my dad doing some serious shopping, but then I also have this habit of talking when I browse the aisles, I use the shopping time to make the real conversations with my dad, something serious to discuss, or something which I can’t talk to him at house in front of my mother, or some serious stuff we need to discuss. Just the other day I was talking to him about my investment plans, a real animated and passionate conversation and I turn around and see my dad is not at all there, I am talking to the air. My dad has gone to some other isle, and I am like this idiot talking to myself. I went, oops I did it again..

This is one of the many occasions where I have been caught talking in the air, there have been so many times me and my cousin from here, are doing some serious mall hopping, and we would be walking up the escalator, or down the aisles of a book or a clothes shoppe, and he stops to check out something, and me without realizing that, continue to talk my heart out. After absence of response for couple of minutes, I would go “oops” in my head, even without turning back, I would be so sure he wouldn’t be there.

I have almost got used to this kind of Oops moments, but the once I am more awkward about are those involving mistaken identities. I have a strong affinity towards colors, I mean I generally remember what people who are with me are wearing that day, so kind of approach people based on the apparel color, and being in haste as I always am, I end up walking upto them and continue what I want to say without checking if they are really my people, and there have been numerous accounts when they have turned around and I have felt oops .

So next time you see me talking to the air, or talking to you even though you don’t know me, then please do read the expression on my face which would read something like “OOPS

The topic over at skittles today is, any word which starts with “O” and I choose Oops

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  1. Hope to catch you sometime talking in the air somewhere in the city! 🙂
    My experience for this ‘Oops’ is some what more embrassing… instance, me holding the hands of someone who was walking besides me!

    Bless You! ~Namaste~

    Neilina…I have seen this happen..people pulling others mistaking them to be somebody else 🙂

  2. Oh, yes. I’ve done that.

    Being the lazy gal that I am, I’d rather just stay home than go to the grocery store, though. Even here at home I’ve found myself talking to the air when I think I’m talking to someone. Especially my husband.

    Forgetfulone..haha I generally see my mom saying the same thing 🙂

  3. I’ve found myself talking to myself before. I’m glad I’m not the only one. :o)

    that makes it two of us…cool 🙂

  4. I love talking to myself even when in a crowd…
    Nice take! 🙂

    Well wanting to talk to self is different :)..when you are caught unaware its more embarrassing 🙂

  5. yeah that is wierd. when i see people talking to themselves in the supermarket, i generall start screaming and run away 😉

    Why scream??

  6. i loved this… i do it all the time,, only difference being is i know who ever they may be is not there,, as they were not there to begin with… i have been talking to me all along!!!!!

    Paisley..You got to try to be with people and try to begin…if you know what I mean

  7. Hi Rambler, yep done that too. My most embarrising moment was that I put my arm in the arm of a stranger who had a simular coat on as my mum did the stranger take it 🙂

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