I Wonder.
Is to
Stop me
A Thing.
It is,
To Make
Me ,
For it.


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  1. The purpose can be one of the two. “He” will drop the hints to identify the right one. When it is still nt clear, I will look at the positive one 🙂

    Bluemist..I think I went with that option 🙂

  2. it is a question i ponder many a time. i agree with what bluemist said. 🙂

    You too?..I think for a change I agreed with BM here 😉

  3. Yep, As BlueMist said, look into the signs or hints! Signs will be everywhere. But you know what, if I will consider my dilemma regarding this, my situation will be the continuation of your ‘Conscience’ poem. For me, sometimes it becomes very difficult to interpret the conscience and it feels as if conscience is playing with me like the words (of your poem)!

    But, rather to think too much, just enjoy both these things! I am sure you won’t be losing anything! Life is always there to take you towards profit side! Just wait and watch…..

    Bless You! ~Namaste~

    Neilina.. I guess “his” signs are confusing.hmm well sometimes I let my conscience take a back seat and go with a blind self.

  4. Is there any link in all these poems posted by you recently? May be my own assumption or my mistaken guess….But I felt!

    Hmm nope this was not a series..

  5. Hmmm Nice one . The Quintessential paradox that’s so typical of any relationship.

    Am borrowing what I felt when I read it , from your own page ‘s dashboard of “wanna think”

    * If you look for them, you will always find some reasons, so why look?…

    What say ?

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