And the cycle continues.


I think there are two ways in which I tend to look at life.  There are days when I think I live life to its finest details, tracking my steps to every possible extent, constructing every view of mine carefully, planning every move of mine, reasoning every thought that comes to my mind. This involves a lot of retrospection, I mean one does think a lot of what he/she dead as to what he/she ought to have done, days when I do not want to dismiss anything lightly, trying to construction something out of every possible thought, trying to see how that can help others and myself.

I guess it’s a curve, rather a circle, with passing days the involvement in my own life grows gradually, and then reaches a peak, and I realize that this is it, I got to break free, I got take things lightly, forget the finer aspects, look at life as set of passing days, enjoy the way as it comes, feel the happiness in an unplanned manner, and if it turns out to be sad then just go through the motions of pain. Let the life plan it for you, rather then you planning the life.

I think there is something in my mind which kind of tags continuum as boredom, so just like the unplanned life which kind of forced its way into my routine life, a want of a more planned one would find its way back in. So slowly I begin to plan a risk free, “non sad” days, even if it means that its not happy.

And the cycle continues.


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  1. I believe there are ceratain aspects for which we have to go for first approach and for some second is the best one! The choice of ‘which aspects’ depends on us! But whatever, I always wanted to spend my life using the second approach, but somehow for certain things I myself don’t know I have found myself on the first one!
    BTW, which is your fav (from heart), not asking how you are spending ur life!

    Bless You! ~Namaste~

    Neilina..well what I meant was I keep moving through the approach cyclically, I mean I start with 1 move onto 2 and come back to 1, so does my favorite thing also moves in cycles

  2. I would have loved my life to be free and unplanned. I would want every coming second of my life to be a big surprise… But that hardly happens. Nevertheless, even a few such breathtaking moments in life wud be sufficient to give life some new meaning. Till then we have to “Plan and Execute”!!!

    Rash..believe me, once you start to live too much unplanned life, somehow the planning and scrutiny crawls back in on its own 🙂

  3. i think everyone of us go thru this kinda cycles..

    personally i wudnt mind if either part of the cycle worked for me.. IF IT WORKED!! nothin works!! plan.. no plan.. everythings going to be screwed up in d end.. it doesn’t even matter.. eh??

    ssnab, well it does matter somewhere you tend to feel struck with the way you begin to live your life

  4. I think that rather than wondering why the cycle continues, we may as well as enjoy the cycle in itself, but that’s the fatalist in me talking.
    I guess we all try to change things once in a while to feel like there is something new we learn or do everyday, otherwise we feel like we are stuck in a rut.
    And then we want order to be there and so we plan ahead and then go back to trying something new once we have a stagnant feeling
    Finally, we just need to accept that we all need a change now and then 🙂

    CR…haha I liked the way you ended your comment

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