Small failures standing tall,
Towering over the larger successes.

An odd spray of dirty droplets,
Discoloring the ocean of the mind.

“Confidence” broken,
“Win’s” questioned,
“Will” out of sight.

Is this guy, really me?,
The only question on mind.

Why did you let me into this.
“Why?”, I ask.

Ghosts that haunt us forever.


I am missing the “writer’s island“, the one prompt which I enjoyed doing a lot. Today I came across a nice prompt “Ghost” over at Rash’s Graffiti, I have been aware of the prompt Sunday Scribblings from a long time, but somehow never participated. Better late than never right?. Here I go with my 55 cents.


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  1. No one is perfect Rambler. We are here for improvement not perfection. This Ghost has now become my best friend and really enjoy her company a lot.
    Previously, I used to keep everything with me. Never felt to ask someone about the problem. I read somewhere ‘asking’ can make u fool for 2 mins, but it is far better than to be a fool for whole of your life! This is one quote that has affected me a lot. Sometimes making your life to go on these quotes can do wonders!
    Do you really believe from your heart that spray of dirty droplets can discolor your mind ocean? I don’t believe, for me mind is very pure.

    Bless You! ~Namaste~

    Glad that the ghost has become your friend..somehow I have not reached there yet. Well I am not sure what I want to ask, and to whom.. hmm discolor, I think I let the droplets discolor my mind..

  2. 56 cents…lol
    we all feel that ghost…that ‘who is that person? can’t be me’ ghost…
    I think we have two high expectations of ourselves sometimes…lol

    Thanks so much for your great encouragement in your comment at my blog. I needed that and what a compliment!

    your mind might be a little discoloured with a few inabilities but your heart is coloured with the ability to encourage 😀

    56 really?..too high?..may not be…may be too passionate expectations 😀


  3. Haunting ghost are all around us. In us, even. We can shake them, some just leave when we’ve forgotten about them. I really liked this piece. Kudos.

    I liked your sentence..some just leave when you’ve forgotten them….

  4. Hey nice take on the prompt.

    But ever thought of taking your inabilities as a challange and an inspiraton to improve?

    Rash, I do agree that we need to take it as a challenge, but then challenges are not things which we can achieve successfully, and every pursuit goes over a period of self doubt and lows..may be its just that phaze

  5. In our own minds our failures, however slight, tower over our successes, but I wonder if the rest of the world doesn’t see a more balanced picture.

    Robin, I wonder too, how do I come across to the rest of the world

  6. we’re our own worst critics, aren’t we??? – and judge ourselves more quickly and more harshly than we’d ever let anyone else do — very insightful verse and some wisdom to be had regarding owning our strengths and building on them, not being crushed under the weight of pasts that can’t be redone or perfected!!!

    Danni we totally are..I hate when its me, and not anyone else who is responsible for my own mental state

  7. Good piece,crafted well in 55 words.

    I believe we all have an inherent ability to convert our shortcomings into strengths any day.It is difficult,but not impossible.

    Have a successful week ahead 🙂

    Sameera..we have the strengths I agree, but somewhere the intermediate time sucks so much out of you

  8. The tall successes
    Dwarfing over the tiny failures

    Haunting us to do better
    Would we ever leave them behind
    This need to live up to
    Gained by chance or hard work?

    Maybe the tiny failures
    Help keep everything in perspective
    So that we do not as too much of ourselves
    Again and again.

    CR..Gained by chance or hard work..I guess neither formed our years of self confidence and ego, a want for not to fail, and a zeal for success..

  9. nice take on teh prompt…

    the first step of identifying the ghost has been taken…the rest will follow slowly…

    Suma..hoping that the rest will follow

  10. Yeah, Rob was great over there at the island, wasn’t he? There’s an answer to your poem… I don’t know what it is, but it’s there.. I think it’s going to haunt me until I ponder it. Thanks for a thought provoking poem! 🙂

    Thanks Texasblu

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