we draw,

Is it,
to protect

Is it
to minimize,
the risk of
being hurt?

May be,
it is,
to avoid
getting hurt
by us.


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  1. Really? I am thinking if I keep on believing on the last para, I won’t be getting any friend. There is always a risk on this! Don’t know, how u think on this? I believe there should be no line drwan with whom you feel a sort of bonding.
    If at start only, you keep on drawing lines, who knows, unknowingly one day you can find yourself only between these lines!
    Go and Enjoy, Break the rules and Have Fun………….

    Don’t know how I interpreted it…totally tired today! Tomorrow I will again visit the post with fresh mind and will see, if I can see some difference! :), that case will again comment out…. 🙂

    Bless You! ~Namaste~

    Neilina..I agree there should be no lines drawn..but its like wearing clothes, I would ideally prefer to not hide anything, including body, but practically its not possible right?
    We all find ourselves behind the lines, dont you ?

  2. maybe for all 3 reasons?

    nice, short and sweet post. u are good at this.. keep ’em coming! 🙂

    Thanks priya

  3. And who loves you, care for you, who hav a concern for you will not mind even if you hurt them… thoughts are coming droplet by droplet! 🙂

    Neilina..I guess in that case I would be hurt even more

  4. well, tha depends on your nature…the one who is reserved generally is very stringent with the lines..

    hmmm…nice me thinking…time to draw a few lines here…

    Suma..well I agree with the stringency..but they whats the reason is what I was thinking

  5. if we wantd to protect others.. we wudn’t need the lines to begin with.. ryt?

    ssnab. may be we need the lines only to protect others

  6. I have alwayz crossed lines with new hope but only to return back hurt.Our actions will neva stop us from crossing boundaries.I feel.

    Mez..have you ever crossed your own lines?

  7. Dnt knw. But most times i m worried abt other getting hurt than me getting hurt.

    Veens..I think I am equally worried for all the three things 🙂

  8. If avoiding causing hurt to others matters so much , then at the end of the day , arent we protecting ourselves from getting hurt coz of it too?

    CM, its again how much it matters to you, all things that matter to you may not cause pain in its absense right?

  9. Depends on the situation.But whatever the reason they were drawn for,it is better to erase them once they have served the purpose.Because some lines grow into solid impenetrable walls.

    Sameera, I agree that it needs to be erased, but some relationships seldom change, and so are the lines drawn

  10. Rambler:

    “Is it,
    to protect

    When we lock the door, we do not lock the world out; we lock ourselves in. Ditto with lines (Lakshman rekha included)…

    Shefaly, totally agree with you we lock ourselves in, there are times which this can prevent others from being hurt

  11. Yeah, everytime I find myself behind the lines……..I hate this! And for my second comment, I was referring ‘you’ for others. For me, if anyone to whom I love, care and with whom I feel a sort of bonding, hurts me, I have made myself not to think on this……if I keep on pondering, it will make relationship worse!

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