Lines..Some more


Couple of days ago I wrote these “lines”.

Is it,
to protect

Is it
to minimize,
the risk of
being hurt?

When I was thinking about these lines, what amazed me was the spontaneity with which these words came out. One thing which escaped my eye until much later was how similar these two lines were. Isn’t protecting ourselves and preventing ourselves from getting hurt same?.

When I said minimize the risk of being hurt, what I was really trying to say was trying to prevent pain that it would bring to me. Somehow my mind seems to have given a special stature to pain, from the rest of things from which I want to protect myself.

So what are the “other” things here, what do we really protect ourselves from?,  I thought about these possible things

  • Loss of direction in life
  • Greediness
  • Bad company
  • Waste of time
  • Regret
  • Overweight
  • Underweight
  • Loss of power
  • Loss of dignity
  • Madness for fame and money
  • Losing humanity

In a way all of these would eventually end up hurting us in a way or other, causing pain. So what was my mind really thinking about, is it all we want to protect ourselves from, pain?, are we so afraid of the pain?.

What do you guys protect yourselves from?, do you think a separate status for protection from getting hurt was valid?.


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  1. we always do flinch from pain.. of the known kind.. human nature.. no use of 6th sense if we did not!

    Preeti, but about other things which we need to protect ourselves from?

  2. Suffering is inevitable, so is pain. Accepting it fully frees us from both. This is what I think, but accepting is really really tough.

    Accepting is tough, but what about prevention and protection?

  3. Your post always makes me to go deep down in my mind, into the areas which I haven’t explored yet, I never thought! It appears to me protecting ourselves and preventing ourselves from getting hurt is same. But I am thinking, Is protecting always with preventing?
    There is list of things, that I protect myself from. But when I have to think about pain, I feel I never went into the way of ‘protection’. May be because of this I always landed somehow in ‘pain’.
    For me ‘protecting yourself’ (w.r.t pain) needs much more courage than to think about pain for which I am not sure whether it will come or not. Pain is always welcome, but the way should be very beautiful from where it would come!
    Bless You! ~Namaste~

    Neilina..thanks for the kind words..would love to read your list of things you want to protect yourselves from.

  4. these were some great things you thought about here rambler…. definite food for thought. but, alas, pain is inevitable, regardless on how hard we try to protect ourselves. and, yet, pain is also a gift because through the experience of it, you gain wisdom and insight. double-edged sword, huh?

    Rebecca..double edged sword?..well sometimes I never get passed the first one 🙂

  5. well pain shows things which we have never seen before…but yes we are afraid to hurt ourselves,because pain is a reminder of the reality,i.e. the existence of your body,in case of physical pain and in case of mental agony,it represents you the mortal brain…

    Vishesh, hmm are we afraid because its a reminder of the reality?..very interesting observation, would love to think more on that

  6. If I start soring the things that impart pain I can go on and on. But why list them when we know they are there. Why not concentrate that’s it positive and creates a positive environment around ? Even realizing we are blessed is so much comforting. And one ray of hope is enough to push away the darkness !!

    BlueMist, list them so that we can take a positive approach in protecting ourselves.

  7. That is a hard to think of You protect yourself not untill can calculate the risk. You don’t protect yourself against the rain untill you now how hard it pours down and were you have to go

    Marja..hmm a very interesting thought …may be risk factor and the calculation was what I had missed from my post

  8. Pain!

    I think i can write a thesis on it. It’s intelligence if we try n protecty outselves from pain..after all i should show some love for myself if not expect from others.

    Well i protect myself from – sinful living!

    Mez, sinful living ha… would love to read more explanation on the subject 🙂

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