I walked into this one day



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  1. WOW! beautiful is an understatement. i believe the tag u hav given this pic -‘wordless’ – says it all. i would be wordless too if i walked into this…btw what piece of heaven is this?

  2. Wow! Amazingly Beautiful! How it would feel to go on boating in this lake! Aaaah….Heaven! Where is this place? Is this Kashmir, or somewhere there?
    You are lucky, always with ‘I can’t believe I really woke up to this one day’ or ‘I walked into this one day’ wow! 🙂

    Bless You! ~Namaste~

  3. Guys, this was at Tsongo lake on the way to Nathu La pass in Sikkim.

    Priya, I was indeed speechless on that day, firstly the cold, secondly lack of thermals had me gasping for breath all day 🙂

    Neilina..sorry no boating allowed :)…

    Darlene 🙂

    Bluemist..well these can’t be my weekends :)…it was once upon a time when I got some vacation days going

    Thanks Sameera.

    Suma..it did leave me speechless

    Marja..this is a like in the northeast of India very close to the China border

    Nrsl..would love to do globe trotting..unfortunately not enough money 😦

    Vanilla, this is on way to the historical trade route Nathu La pass

    Silver, it does isn;t it 🙂

    Mez..hehe if gang of 7 men makes up a honeymoon then yes 😀

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