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You called it our Utopia,
The place you want us to go,
You and I, Just ‘us’.

A mythical culmination,
Of your romantic imagination,
I thought,.

You were right,
And, so was I.

You saw it ‘somewhere’
And I

We both are, where we wanted,
Me, here, somewhere,
And you somewhere, here.


Topic over at Sunday Scribblings today is “somewhere” and what we make out of it, and here I make a soup of ‘somewhere’ and ‘here’ 🙂

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It feels great to achieve goals. Goals and aims are such important part of our lives, unless we want to achieve something how will we focus in its direction, rather how would we realize what our focus should be on.

The only way I know to achieve my goals, is hard work and complete determination. As far as I can remember this what has been taught to me, more importantly this is what I have used to achieve what I have set out for. This is something which we all have realized from the life of so many great personalities, people we all are proud about.

Goals are not achieved easily, many of them take up your whole life, and almost each of them deserve such a determination and dedication for a lifetime, some even beyond. Most of use do not even think a little before involving ourselves with such dedication, the kind of passion just comes natural.

Even a small of thought about the failure, or that of being unable to meet the goal, is a step in the negative direction, and definitely they should not be entertained. I am not saying one should not calculate the risks involved, or may be develop backup plans and alternate routes to the goal, but trying to convince oneself its ok not to achieve the goal, isn’t that something very negative?.

I am someone who has always believed that my tomorrow is something which I can determine, rather atleast can be made the way I want it to be. A positive approach for sure. I believe that we can definitely influence the way our tomorrow will be, and with our hard work and efforts change the way it shapes up.

I would rather not complain that things happened this way, instead prefer to say I did the things this way, both good or bad. I guess I would rather prefer to be responsible for things happening to me, and around me rather than just be a witness.

Guys how many of you people are with me till this point, if not all the points how many of you agree with the majority of the points?.

I know I do not follow them to the core, I rather aspire to do many of those things. I have made my ideologies based on many of those principles and for even a moment, I have never doubted them.

Remember the book I was talking about “here” , well going by the books philosophy, every point of my belief system is a sure shot at unhappiness in life, and the main cause for out health problems. When I read this topic, for a day or so I was completely dismissive of the philosophy in the book, but really made me think, its not easy to ignore the arguments he puts forward.

So here lets look at the same points from his perspective.

Goals are a means of restricting ourselves, when we have goals all we concentrate upon are achieving them, in the course forgetting simple pleasures in life, in way preventing ourselves from achieving a lot more things then just what we set out for.

He agrees that is good to prepare for your goal, and be complete prepared for the obstacles on the way, however is it really worth spending our whole life in the pursuit?, in a way when we are struck to our goal, our whole life is unknowingly controlled by it, and in a way we loose our independence, and in turn happiness.

Somebody who does not care about the goal, someone who is fine with both achieving and not achieving the goal, is a lot less pressurized and in a better frame of mind to do things. This does not mean don’t work towards the goal, but it also means that be clear that its ok if you don’t achieve it.

Sounds so much alien to me, but I have to admit sounds true as well.

He says its foolish to want tomorrow to be a certain way, he says that its best for one to prepare for the “tomorrow”, rather then work towards shaping it, because when it does not end up the way we want it, we end up far more disappointed, rather if we had prepared to face it the way it comes, we would have the thrill of living it as it comes.

An interesting theory for sure.

He says there is a lot more happiness in accepting that the thing happened, rather then trying to be the person who “does” things. The lesser “I” involved in the life, lesser the sadness and disappointment one goes through. Being a witness to an event, gives you a lot more in life rather than being the cause, one gets to concentrate, focus a lot more in being the witness, than the times one gains through being the cause.

More ramblings to follow….

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What can I do?

Reminding me of my failure,
Every waking moment,
Unknowingly everyone’s doing it,
Killing me bit by bit,
Everyday, Every minute.

As though my conscience was not enough
do you really need to probe?.

I am struggling to hang on,
And you aren’t helping.

What can I do to forget,
How I met my wrong decision.

Guys I have been very irregular on the blog front, somehow not in the mood to write, nor in mood to think. Anyways looks like some words did find way out into this, topic over at sunday scribblings this week is “How I met my [fill in blank]”…and here go my negative thoughts on the subject.

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Have you?

Have you ever read something which you totally don’t agree with?, Something with which every sentence you read makes you feel like the author is talking complete nonsense, A philosophy which you would never agree with, A means which you think will never work, An approach which you think you would detest whole heartedly. Have you read something like that?.

As you begin reading such a book, one thing you would want to probably do, is to continue reading and see how the author can defend such an absurd look at life, how can he support such a pointless philosophy. In fact it becomes an interesting read because of these reasons.

Then suddenly you continue reading his arguments, and with each one of them you feel you believe just in the opposite, more importantly every thing he says you shouldn’t do, are the things you actually think you should and the vice versa. That does make it an extremely difficult thing to digest, making you mentally defend your own opinion and thoughts, now anything which makes one think must be a good thing right.

There you go now you have completed your circle of love and hate.

The book came as a casual suggestion from my dad, its something which he had liked, and wanted me to read, and it’s not in English but in my mother tongue Kannada. Its been a long time since I read a Kannada book, now “mother tongue” sound ironic isn’t it. Anyways I had no clue what the book is about, and let it lay on the shelf for more than three months, recently due to lack of any other book I just picked it up. The book has made me go from hating the book, to totally intriguing me with its simple philosophy of life.

I am yet to complete the book, and probably write in detail about some philosophies from the book, but then as of know I would just say, if you know kannada and you get a chance to read, please do check out “Summaniddare chaLiyu Naduguvudhu” by T Vijay Kumar.

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A coldish shower

Topic over at skittles today for heads or tails is supply, and the topic couldn’t have come in more appropriate time than this one. I seem to be having a big problem with hot water supply in bathroom, for about a month now.

It all started with unscheduled load shedding resulting in unavailability of power at home in the mornings at erratic timings, the unscheduled load shedding meant that I could not even plan it properly. I used to wake up early to switch on the geyser, to find a disheartening power cut within minutes of me switching on, an hour later when the power used to come back, I had to suffer even further as somehow the just few of our house used to take an extra 30 minutes of power cut.  Just imagine 90 minutes of your precious morning time being wiped off, and another 15-30 minutes atleast to get hot water. So most of last few weeks I had to contend with warm water. Cloudy and chilly mornings in Bangalore in this month has added salt to the early morning wound 😦

The great news this week was the absence of power cut, I was thrilled to bits. But unfortunately the plumbing in my bathroom seems to have found the right time to trouble me, the pipe seems to have clogged due to the dusty water, and this means that very little of hot water finds its way to my shower. Now who would have thought early morning shower can be this painful.?

I have caught hold of a plumber today, and the got the line cleaned up, he claims to have partially repaired the problem, and wants one full day on Sunday to repair the problem fully. Until then I am struck with lukewarm shower on cold chilly rainy mornings in Bangalore.

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Questions And Answers

Answers thrown at you,
From corners, whose existence you hardly knew,
By people, unknown,
At times, unexpected.

Life can be baffling sometimes.

Times, when I am kept waiting,
With questions desperate to be asked.

Times, when YOU flood me with,
Answers which do not wait,
For me to seek them

Life can be quietening sometimes.


Topic over at Sunday Scribblings today is “ask”..and here’s my take on the prompt.

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Two months in pies.

I am one of those nerds who keep a track of every single rupee spent. I used to do this for the 100Rs/per month pocket money which I received from my dad when I was doing my engineering and when I started to work, I just carried it forward.

From 2003 July to 2004 April, I kept track of every rupee I spent, somehow when I changed companies I lost the habit, I never kept track of things on which I spent money, I wanted to do it but found myself lazy.

Something changed in 2005 April, thats when I had to keep track of my expenses because of an offical trip, this time I had to keep the reciepts too. Thats when the excel sheet started, 10 months of data collected for official purposes. Now playing with data can be real fun, I used to spend hours just looking at graphs, on categories I spent highly on, what had changed between months, and so on.

Inbetween, when I had stopped keeping track, I used to find it miserable not knowing where the money got lost, and how come my savings showed so much less. Now that I have data, I can know where I am overspending, which one needs to come down, or whats unnecessary.

Just recently graduated to a free online tool, which eased the way I can maintain my accounts. Just love the way it allows me to play with the data.

Now, if anyone wanted proof that how big a foodie I am, here goes my last two months expense categories.