Helpless God


You sit there,
With my hands around your shoulder
Your head buried between your knees
And you ask,
“Do I have to Look up?”.

You sit there,
With my eyes closed in hope,
A booklet of prayer hidden in your palms,
And you ask,
“Do I have to Pray?”.

You sit there,
With my eyes stuck upon yours
A tiny tearlet, stuck on your cheeks
And you ask,
“Do I have to smile”?

You sit there
With my life depending on yours.
An oxygen mask hanging on your face,
And you ask
“Do I have to breathe”?

It pains to be a helpless GOD.


Prompt over at Sunday Scribblings for today is “Do I have to”, I guess I struggled a lot with the prompt working on some sort of a theme, which ended up totally  spoiled. Anyways here it goes, my take on the prompt.

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  1. ‘Helpless’ in the eyes of you or in the eyes of God? Seriously, after reading your poem, this is the first time I felt your poems to be full of feelings and emotions. Sometimes I just sit idle infront of God, not knowing what to ask……..and feels to drop tears without telling Him how I am feeling inside. May be I am feeling, deep down I would have asked these questions to God at that time.
    And one more thing, I am little taken aback, when you posted in your last entry, these lines…..”GOD I hate you”….I never got this much guts to say to God…….

    Keep Smiling……Bless You! ~Namaste~

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I wanted to check yours out too, and I really like this piece. I wish I could write things like this.

  3. Thanks for stopping by.

    Wow!!! Thanks for sharing these haunting and beautiful words.

    Pain of being a helpless God – or the blessing of being a witness and angel.

    Wishing you,
    Peace & Love, Just Because,
    Goddess Diana

  4. Hey abt yur last opst.. mebe u dnt want me to comment… but still….

    there is nothing more real .. than accepting yurself to be for what u really r ! and not hiding behind cob-webs of fake illusions of what real really is..!

    and for me REAL MEN r those who do that!! and u r oe.. in every sense of the WORD!

    Now.. pep up ok?!

    Take Care!!

  5. and!!

    as i m a specialist at forgetting what the real thing i neededto do here!! here i m with my 3rd comment 😀

    ok helps in increasing yur comment count 😛

    Glad that u r friend Rambler! and it is gr8 knowing yu… from yur writings 🙂

    hope to know yur more.. from yur writings 🙂

    and that reminds me… HAPPy Friendship day !
    proud to have a friend like u .. the REAL u 🙂

  6. Rambler: Amongst the poems that have remained with me since childhood is this ditty. There may be a lesson there for many who ask God for help…

    As children bring their broken toys
    with tears for us to mend.
    I brought my broken dreams to God
    Because He was my Friend.
    But then instead of leaving Him
    in Peace to work alone,
    I hung around and tried to help
    With ways that were my own.
    At last I snatched them back and cried
    “How can You be so slow”?
    “My child,” He said,
    “What could I do?
    You never did let go.”

  7. Guys thank you so much for your I said before in the post, this was a poem I was not really proud of, sort of frame of mind also what I really wanted to do with it, is what bugged me..I am really grateful for all the encouragement.

    Thanks Keith.

    Neilina, I meant an helpless god, one who we think is all powerful, may not be able to do many things.May be God to listens to us at times, not knowing how and what to do for us, or in cases in just disability to help.

    Thanks Matt.

    Thanks MsPennyLane

    Forgetful one, I wish I could talk to someone about the background, may be some day..

    Thanks Danni.

    Thanks Sameera, same to you too..

    Rel…hmm may be thats the answer..

    Thanks Diana

    Thanks Lucy

    Veens, that could mean this made hardly any sense even after 3 reads 😀
    Happy friendship day to you too.

    Thanks Marja..

    Shefaly..I guess I did not get the poem fully, does it mean we never give god enough time to do things for us?..may be we don’t. may be he is also incapable of some things..may be he is not all powerful as we make him to be.

    Vinod, hehhe had not seen it :)…good you pointed out

  8. bravo rambler!!!! i would have to say as far as poetry goes this is your very best to date!!!!

    Thanks Paisley..but really this is not something which I was proud of when I finished writing.

  9. Rambler:

    “..does it mean we never give god enough time to do things for us?..may be we don’t. may be he is also incapable of some things..may be he is not all powerful as we make him to be…”

    To me, it is just a nice-sounding poem which is apt to quote at times. I thought you knew by now that I am not religious or theistic or gnostic. 🙂

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