In which,
your eyes,
with which,
you open,
makes me,
forget my,

Prompt over at skittles today is “manner”. Pathetic state my mind is in, only thing I could think of, was this.


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  1. Aaahaa…….I can see green signal given to your parents 😉 It is reflecting in each line of your poem…..hehehehe
    Anyways, nice take on ‘manners’ and this one is deadly romantic 😀
    But why pathetic, what is behind the cover? 🙂

    ~Blessings~ ~Namaste~

  2. Thanks for visiting Small Reflections this morning. I left a comment at Blogger … looks like you’re collecting some SPAM there. I love your poetic response to this week’s HoTs post and like the look of your new WordPress site. If you don’t mind me asking … are you using the free service or paying for the platform … and did you find the transition easy or challenging? I’ve given thought to switching myself, but figure I’ve just learned to negotiate Blogger and ‘the devil I know’ might be easier to deal with than the one I don’t.
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. now this poem added with the clause ‘pathetic state of mind’ has sure raised everyone’s antenna..what is going on? rambler’s forgetting his manners?


  4. Thanks Veens…btw why naughty?

    Thanks Tina

    Nahh..not green signal..if this were to be that …then I would be long married now 😀

    Thanks Brian…btw how sensual?

    Storyteller..I use the free service of wordpress…and the migration was pretty easy


    Thanks Sameera..

    Romancist..wow thats a new word preethi


    Suma…why shouldn’t I? 🙂

    Thanks peppy lady

    Prakar..bliss is a big word 🙂

    Thanks Geraldine

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