Two months in pies.


I am one of those nerds who keep a track of every single rupee spent. I used to do this for the 100Rs/per month pocket money which I received from my dad when I was doing my engineering and when I started to work, I just carried it forward.

From 2003 July to 2004 April, I kept track of every rupee I spent, somehow when I changed companies I lost the habit, I never kept track of things on which I spent money, I wanted to do it but found myself lazy.

Something changed in 2005 April, thats when I had to keep track of my expenses because of an offical trip, this time I had to keep the reciepts too. Thats when the excel sheet started, 10 months of data collected for official purposes. Now playing with data can be real fun, I used to spend hours just looking at graphs, on categories I spent highly on, what had changed between months, and so on.

Inbetween, when I had stopped keeping track, I used to find it miserable not knowing where the money got lost, and how come my savings showed so much less. Now that I have data, I can know where I am overspending, which one needs to come down, or whats unnecessary.

Just recently graduated to a free online tool, which eased the way I can maintain my accounts. Just love the way it allows me to play with the data.

Now, if anyone wanted proof that how big a foodie I am, here goes my last two months expense categories.


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  1. I am sure ; you are better 🙂 as when I write down the expenses I don’t round them off. and every one rupee spent must be added there. Otherwise on other end I don’t write at all. thanks for the link of this tool. I am already on it 🙂

    BlueMist..round off, I think I too do that..rather don’t do the round off 🙂

  2. I keep track of my expenses too,in a small book.Whenever i get back from a spending spree,I can’t be at peace till I have made entries in it 🙂

    Have a nice weekend!

    oh cool you too

  3. ah …. ever since I started college I have a little black book which records my expenses. There arent many of them, if I were to do the above application, a big huge part would be yellow that is eating out and a little part transportation. My mum never really believed in the concept of pocket money but now she is thinking of it pretty seriously because of the amount of money I spent on coffees and chocolates.

    BB..eating out seems to be a big are where we would be surprising to check out the statistics at the country level.

  4. When I started to track my expenses, it went only for two days…….m very very poor in this! I have set some limit, beyond which I have promised myself I won’t go. Really I respect those people, who can manage expenses smartly. Well, respect for you has taken a step further 😀

    hehhe 🙂

  5. I’m terrible at this. I know that I SHOULD keep track of my money but I hate math-and thus, avoid it when I can.

    Silver..I guess its a personal choice 😀

  6. You know something, I might need this soon. Right now, I don’t have enough money to spend. So it’s easy for me.

    Kris..hmm I guess this habit does not depend on how much on really spends 🙂

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