A coldish shower


Topic over at skittles today for heads or tails is supply, and the topic couldn’t have come in more appropriate time than this one. I seem to be having a big problem with hot water supply in bathroom, for about a month now.

It all started with unscheduled load shedding resulting in unavailability of power at home in the mornings at erratic timings, the unscheduled load shedding meant that I could not even plan it properly. I used to wake up early to switch on the geyser, to find a disheartening power cut within minutes of me switching on, an hour later when the power used to come back, I had to suffer even further as somehow the just few of our house used to take an extra 30 minutes of power cut.  Just imagine 90 minutes of your precious morning time being wiped off, and another 15-30 minutes atleast to get hot water. So most of last few weeks I had to contend with warm water. Cloudy and chilly mornings in Bangalore in this month has added salt to the early morning wound 😦

The great news this week was the absence of power cut, I was thrilled to bits. But unfortunately the plumbing in my bathroom seems to have found the right time to trouble me, the pipe seems to have clogged due to the dusty water, and this means that very little of hot water finds its way to my shower. Now who would have thought early morning shower can be this painful.?

I have caught hold of a plumber today, and the got the line cleaned up, he claims to have partially repaired the problem, and wants one full day on Sunday to repair the problem fully. Until then I am struck with lukewarm shower on cold chilly rainy mornings in Bangalore.


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  1. oh! I hate early-morning power cuts. So, this time your weekend will have a good time pass 😀 Don’t worry…..only 4 days left for weekend including sat and on sat, don’t take shower 😀 Sunday is near!
    For me, I cannot take hot shower in mornings.Whole day I feel sleepy then.

  2. I hope your hot water troubles get straightened out soon. I don’t think it would take too many mornings of no power and cold showers to drive me totally bonkers.

  3. Sorry to learn of your ‘hot water’ issue and was hoping it would get resolved today … but I’m guessing lukewarm showers are better than cold one on chilly rainy mornings anywhere. Thanks for dropping by Small Reflections earlier. I did take a much more light-hearted view of today’s theme ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. First of all, I think you all are from Bangalore or something. Me, a Mumbai boi, find it weird. Firs of all, what’s the difference between ‘hot’ and ‘lukewarm’? I thought the ‘hot’ shower that we use regularly is ‘lukewarm’. How can you possibly get sprayed by anything ‘hot’?

    Confused. Here, analogy.

    Can you drink ‘hot-hot’ soup? Don’t you wait for it to sort of cool down? And when its perfect to be had, it’s somewhere between lukewarm of the temperature of the ‘hand bowl’ and the ‘hot’. Do you really want somebody to spill droplets of that hot soup on your body? Don’t you feel it’s too hot?

    Anyways, I think I myself am confused a little.

    (PS: The author cannot afford any such luxuries.)

  5. Skittles I guess it is awefull..worst part is that the problem continues.

    Forgetfulone…load shedding means power outage..and it is not good 😦

    Sameera..it is bad 😦

    Neilina..actually a cold shower wakes many people up 🙂

    Sue..me tooo

    JJ..now this is a optimistic approach 😀

    Tricia..I think I am on the verge of it .

    Thanks Karen

    Storyteller..actually no, lukewarm ones are worse..its neither cold nor hot enough

    Suma..sort of a biting wake up 😀

    Kris..lukewarm is very mildly warm..unfortunately when it comes to soup you are not half naked with droplets of cold water on your body making it still worse. so I guess one needs to think a little outside the literal meaning when it comes to hot shower 🙂

  6. U know i know people who take bath wid cold chilled water in the chill of simla. Imagine that.

    I sympathise wid u…happy coldie bathin 😉

  7. I’ll tell you what’s worse- we don’t have a geyser and depend on a solar water heater for the hot water. And you know how the weather is right now, in bangalore. On top of that, on varamahalaxmi vratam, my mom gave half bucket of lukewarm water to bathe, at 5.30. By the time I had finished brushing my teeth, it was cold again. I was grrrr. Sorry for hogging ur space and for the digression, but yes, it sucks not having hot water, esp in this kinda weather!!

  8. reminds me of my Bangalore days.. The apartment we lived in had a crazy geyser.. it would give hot water about half a bucket and then take another hour to heat up more water.. so every morning one of us would wake at 5 have a bath and go back to bed till it was time to go to work..

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