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Have you ever read something which you totally don’t agree with?, Something with which every sentence you read makes you feel like the author is talking complete nonsense, A philosophy which you would never agree with, A means which you think will never work, An approach which you think you would detest whole heartedly. Have you read something like that?.

As you begin reading such a book, one thing you would want to probably do, is to continue reading and see how the author can defend such an absurd look at life, how can he support such a pointless philosophy. In fact it becomes an interesting read because of these reasons.

Then suddenly you continue reading his arguments, and with each one of them you feel you believe just in the opposite, more importantly every thing he says you shouldn’t do, are the things you actually think you should and the vice versa. That does make it an extremely difficult thing to digest, making you mentally defend your own opinion and thoughts, now anything which makes one think must be a good thing right.

There you go now you have completed your circle of love and hate.

The book came as a casual suggestion from my dad, its something which he had liked, and wanted me to read, and it’s not in English but in my mother tongue Kannada. Its been a long time since I read a Kannada book, now “mother tongue” sound ironic isn’t it. Anyways I had no clue what the book is about, and let it lay on the shelf for more than three months, recently due to lack of any other book I just picked it up. The book has made me go from hating the book, to totally intriguing me with its simple philosophy of life.

I am yet to complete the book, and probably write in detail about some philosophies from the book, but then as of know I would just say, if you know kannada and you get a chance to read, please do check out “Summaniddare chaLiyu Naduguvudhu” by T Vijay Kumar.


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  1. I believe everyone has been there. Over the years I’ve read many books of the disagreeing to the open jaw shock multitude. Some I read by choice as a way to see where the flaws in the their logic ( or lack of) lied. Just like a good conversation an disagreeable book is a puzzle to figure how to converse with.

  2. Intersting….I am looking forward to read your post about these philosophies. I am really curious to know now about these philosophies! I remember to read somewhere about Panini’s and Chankya’s thoughts on women and I disagree totally about their thoughts on women, m referring when they have talked about women in general not when women are mother, wife or sister.

  3. I still remembered a book tat I read some 5 years back, that rattled and irritated me from the core. The logic of treating women like possessions or objects of desire that was endorsed in that book in strong terms felt like absurd stupidity for me, and my opinion haven’t changed since about 5 years since I last read. Luckily I couldn’t remember any thing about that book now, and can reflect back in peace about that experience.

  4. I cudnt go beyond a couple of pages wen i was reading Dan Brown’s THE DA VINCI CODE..I guess the book won rave reviews n stuff but I cudnt care less..


  5. Tamil writer Jayamohan has recently written that he had given up even looking at a Tamil monthly because “Why should I read it and wound my mind?” I agree with him. There is a Tamil proverb. “Why beat the dog and why get bitten”?

  6. There is nothing quite like reading a book that challenges you! I’m afraid I have a philosophy that says if a book doesn’t grab me, if I don’t like what the author is saying, it’s time to move on – simply because life’s too short to read all the books I’d like to and I’d rather read those that I really enjoy, find uplifting or from which I can learn something.

  7. Hi

    One such book I read a couple of years ago: a book on self-help by somebody funny and I remember its funny title too. It was “Who Moved My Cheese”. The book claims that anybody desiring to develop himself/herself should buy his book; it’s not necessary that he/she reads it. The only thing the purchaser has to do is to keep the book on the shelf. The magical quality would emanate from the book and permeate in the room to develop the purchaser. Phew, there is a caveat too: In order that a couple gets the benefits promised in the book, both of them should buy it!

    I wonder why I didn’t leave that atrocious, unreasonable, blasphemous book half-way.



  8. One book made me feel that. Though in the reverse order. I liked the way the story was moving in the first half for about 650 pages of “Atlas Shrugged” but then came our John Galt. I mean, there was sense in what he was trying to say but why repeat the same thing for 350 pages? I couldn’t agree to certain things too, about what he (or she through him) wanted to say. But it is a refreshengly different book, indeed.

    Destination Infinity

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  10. i have been an avid & voracious reader of psychology, philosophy, esoterics & all things related to different streams of thought – i find that i pick up books that i feel resonate with me or what i am seeking to learn about or know ..

    sure it is good to be challenged every now & then, otherwise we can become narrow minded or affiliate our beliefs strongly with one ‘way’ or another to the disadvantage of something else out there with an equal or more valid point .. but underlying every thought, there is a universal message where boundaries cease to exist (regardless of the ‘name’ or dogma attached) .. refreshing to find an all-encompassing resonance with everything you read.

    my motto – takes what fits & ditch the rest ..

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