What can I do?


Reminding me of my failure,
Every waking moment,
Unknowingly everyone’s doing it,
Killing me bit by bit,
Everyday, Every minute.

As though my conscience was not enough
do you really need to probe?.

I am struggling to hang on,
And you aren’t helping.

What can I do to forget,
How I met my wrong decision.

Guys I have been very irregular on the blog front, somehow not in the mood to write, nor in mood to think. Anyways looks like some words did find way out into this, topic over at sunday scribblings this week is “How I met my [fill in blank]”…and here go my negative thoughts on the subject.


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  2. They say experience is what you get when u don’t get what u want.. Sometimes these wrong decisions clarify our understanding of the right ones.. May be they are needed in life in some vague sense.

  3. Negative thoughts? You seem to be getting my vibes too much of late 😛
    As for decisions, I do think it is not easy to divide them into good or bad ones.
    It could have been the right one with the information had and the circumstances, which on hindsight could seem bad.
    Maybe it’s better to never debate the rights and wrongs of decisions once they have been made and implemented.
    That said, cheer up.

  4. The poem is hard to read . . . as it is difficult to recognize where we’ve gone wrong, and sometimes even harder to apologize. BUT as I read the sidebar on your site, I realized you have within you the ability to turn this around. Don’t apologize for the negativity in the poem for it led you to insight. Hang on!

  5. Easy step-by-step guide to happiness while blogging

    1) Google up two blogs ‘The Best Page in the Universe’ & ‘Rambunctious WhipperSnapper’

    2) Read them till you can’t stop laughing!

    3) Get back to you blog and start writing funny.

  6. BTW, who is ‘you’ here? Let me take your interpretation…..mine doesn’t match always 🙂 And one more doubt 😀 Are you talking about the failure in broader sense that everyone is doing unknowingly?

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