It feels great to achieve goals. Goals and aims are such important part of our lives, unless we want to achieve something how will we focus in its direction, rather how would we realize what our focus should be on.

The only way I know to achieve my goals, is hard work and complete determination. As far as I can remember this what has been taught to me, more importantly this is what I have used to achieve what I have set out for. This is something which we all have realized from the life of so many great personalities, people we all are proud about.

Goals are not achieved easily, many of them take up your whole life, and almost each of them deserve such a determination and dedication for a lifetime, some even beyond. Most of use do not even think a little before involving ourselves with such dedication, the kind of passion just comes natural.

Even a small of thought about the failure, or that of being unable to meet the goal, is a step in the negative direction, and definitely they should not be entertained. I am not saying one should not calculate the risks involved, or may be develop backup plans and alternate routes to the goal, but trying to convince oneself its ok not to achieve the goal, isn’t that something very negative?.

I am someone who has always believed that my tomorrow is something which I can determine, rather atleast can be made the way I want it to be. A positive approach for sure. I believe that we can definitely influence the way our tomorrow will be, and with our hard work and efforts change the way it shapes up.

I would rather not complain that things happened this way, instead prefer to say I did the things this way, both good or bad. I guess I would rather prefer to be responsible for things happening to me, and around me rather than just be a witness.

Guys how many of you people are with me till this point, if not all the points how many of you agree with the majority of the points?.

I know I do not follow them to the core, I rather aspire to do many of those things. I have made my ideologies based on many of those principles and for even a moment, I have never doubted them.

Remember the book I was talking about “here” , well going by the books philosophy, every point of my belief system is a sure shot at unhappiness in life, and the main cause for out health problems. When I read this topic, for a day or so I was completely dismissive of the philosophy in the book, but really made me think, its not easy to ignore the arguments he puts forward.

So here lets look at the same points from his perspective.

Goals are a means of restricting ourselves, when we have goals all we concentrate upon are achieving them, in the course forgetting simple pleasures in life, in way preventing ourselves from achieving a lot more things then just what we set out for.

He agrees that is good to prepare for your goal, and be complete prepared for the obstacles on the way, however is it really worth spending our whole life in the pursuit?, in a way when we are struck to our goal, our whole life is unknowingly controlled by it, and in a way we loose our independence, and in turn happiness.

Somebody who does not care about the goal, someone who is fine with both achieving and not achieving the goal, is a lot less pressurized and in a better frame of mind to do things. This does not mean don’t work towards the goal, but it also means that be clear that its ok if you don’t achieve it.

Sounds so much alien to me, but I have to admit sounds true as well.

He says its foolish to want tomorrow to be a certain way, he says that its best for one to prepare for the “tomorrow”, rather then work towards shaping it, because when it does not end up the way we want it, we end up far more disappointed, rather if we had prepared to face it the way it comes, we would have the thrill of living it as it comes.

An interesting theory for sure.

He says there is a lot more happiness in accepting that the thing happened, rather then trying to be the person who “does” things. The lesser “I” involved in the life, lesser the sadness and disappointment one goes through. Being a witness to an event, gives you a lot more in life rather than being the cause, one gets to concentrate, focus a lot more in being the witness, than the times one gains through being the cause.

More ramblings to follow….

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  1. thanks for knowing 😉
    It’s not the end result, it’s the journey! If I spent all my energy on a goal and not on the journey, oh the thinks I would miss out on! My main goal is just get through each day…that in itself is a huge goal…lol

  2. Thanks Rambler for this post. You have erased some guilt which I always felt. Hope I can read the philosophy of this author…..when you will grow old and will retire from work….please translate the book in english for me. 🙂

    I have spent my life without setting any goal, have always gone with the flow….be it my career or relationships or anything else. Whatever life has gifted or offered me, I have accepted and have tried to give my best. Many times, I have failed, but I never felt that frustated as I would have been, may be if I would have set the goal. Like you said, all the successful people have goals, directions where to go…….I never had. I always wanted, but don’t know I am not like this way! I always believed in life. My belief sometimes shake, I have a fear that what if, at the end of life I come to know that my chosen way was the worst decision!
    Glad there is someone who supports me! I loved the quotes and I am copying them. Again Thank You so much!

  3. as of late i have begun to ponder the validity of having and attaining goals myself.. sometimes i think they are blinders… set in place simply to distract us from the monotony that is life…

  4. GG..why do you want to just get thru each day?..why not enjoy them fully?

    Sameera..hmm having goals is not what was conflicting to me here..its more about whether to be passionate enough in wanting to achieve them..or to be ok even If I dont..

    Neilina..This is a little tricky not an easy one to take sides 🙂

    Kriss..I think people can be gray in making choices, I mean instead of choosing black or white, one might opt for something in between, but then once the choice is made, its extremely difficult for people to work in a band around the color.

    Paisley.I think I understand what you mean here..and its amazing to me that I am seeing the other side of what I thought was absolute right.

    Geraldine..so what if we dont achieve?..that was the point of conflict

  5. Hi Rambler I agree with you much more than with this theory. I think we need goals to know where we are going. We have much more productive lives if we have goals which in itself leads to happiness. Along the way you can have other goals and also have fun

  6. I feel life is about striking a balance between being a goal person and a river person. A river person is someone who goes with the flow…
    and knowing which one to be at the right time takes us where we want to be…

  7. Rambler… I never thought about goals this way.

    And seriously it sounds very true. But then, we need goals. Guess we need to understand is not to live our lives just based on the goals.


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