You called it our Utopia,
The place you want us to go,
You and I, Just ‘us’.

A mythical culmination,
Of your romantic imagination,
I thought,.

You were right,
And, so was I.

You saw it ‘somewhere’
And I

We both are, where we wanted,
Me, here, somewhere,
And you somewhere, here.


Topic over at Sunday Scribblings today is “somewhere” and what we make out of it, and here I make a soup of ‘somewhere’ and ‘here’ 🙂


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  1. I thought for sure the last word was going to be “there” but now that I think about it, “here” works better because, if I’m reading it right, you are both in the same place but in different states of mind. Cool poem!

  2. 🙂 From my heart, it is just exquisite write. I just loved it totally! Roads, even when they are totally opposite do cross eachother somewhere, I felt.
    You are very good cook, have prepared absolutely perfect soup 😀

    Keep going….

  3. I love everything about this poem, but especially this line,
    “A mythical culmination,
    Of your romantic imagination,”

  4. Sameera, I think I have not believed much in soul mates..but yeah people we are close to..we are yet so far.

    GenuineGem..hmm and that would mean?

    DI..what I meant to say, was both the people accomplished what we wanted, I am trying to find my “here” in somewhere, and other is trying to find her somewhere here. would be really fun to know how you came up with number 8


    Thanks Swats.

    Neilina.. cook ? 😀

    Thanks Lela

    SSnab, some of us just out somewhere ..everywhere except here..

    Thanks Tony.

    Thanks Susan

    Granny..its amazing isn’t it

    Thanks Lucy

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