I ask for,
Is the strength,
to take the things,
you send my way,
times you chose for them,
and the manner in which,
you chose to deliver them.

On a second thought,

I ask for,
Is the strength,
to accept the things,
you don’t send my way,
your choice of time to deny them,
and the manner in which,
you chose to detain them.


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  1. Do we need to ask for strength for these things only? I guess so, I want strength for both first and second thought and thats it! You have covered whole life in these seventeen lines. Very nice Rambler, just loved your this poem. Can I know what made you write this?

  2. i am thinking you would be better off allowing that strength to be found inside you,, instead of seeking it out as a gift from a being you have no proof ever even existed….

  3. Nelina.. I would love to have strenth, or seek strength to be able to do every possible thing I want to. but I guess that day I wanted only this 🙂

    Thanks Winnie, Priti, Vanilla …

    Paisley..lately I am dwelling of philosophy about we can make efforts, but things are not caused by us, rather happen to us..

    Thanks Priya, Preethi, Sameera, Autumn

    Suma..just curious why not the first one?

    Saumya, strangely I did begin with the first thought that day and then moved on to the second one

    Thank you Vanilla..I am really surprised you remembered 🙂

  4. happy belated birthday ….
    I think we discussed but I just cant remember any of them.
    where’s the birthday post ?

    the post was brilliant. again.
    it just makes so much sense.
    I loved teh second thought.

  5. nothing to say rambler… its too good… so simple to understand yet so deep that it reaches the very depth of the soul. may God give you the strength in every step of your life.

    keep it up.


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