Do you know who’s back?


I was flipping through channels today, and you know who is back?..Yep its Deepali..Remember she appeared in Virtual Ramblings as one of the girls on screen. i was surprised to see her back on screen, and disappointed at the same time, as she’s just an anchor on the new season of Indian Idol, and she did not even sing one song. Anyways hoping to see more of her, and her voice in episodes to come.

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  1. ahh i see old love rekindling 😉

    ohh and just by the by, ur very much invited to join in the ‘online antakshari’ ive started on my blog–nostalgic moments 🙂

    hoping u’d add to the fun…


  2. yes… she is back…
    your enthusiasm matches my sister when she saw Chang ( the other anchor, damn i am not even sure about the name) is back ….

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