A slap tale


I have never been slapped by anyone, and so I really don’t know how it feels like, to be slapped. You might be wondering what on earth made me think about how it feels to be slapped, It was nothing but an evening on streets of Bangalore, being struck in the traffic jam. Confusing ha?.

Tech parks around Bangalore are quite away from city centre, and if you live in one of the old parts of the city, then you have to travel a lot to reach your office, and worst part is the traffic, which has gone really bad over last few years. My workplace is very close to BEML, which makes train coaches, for Indian Railways and for many other rail services across the world. They have a track laid to transfer these coaches to the nearest railway station. And these tracks are not used often, and hence not well maintained, the bad rains over last few days has lead to further degradation of the tracks, and the result, the new coaches derailed on last wednesday, more than the derail, the coaches got stuck and could not be moved. This meant it blocked the only two entries and the exits to the tech park where I work at. Huge jams greeted me as I came out of my office, traffic stranded all around, people walking out of their buses and cabs to take a puff, or a cool drink, as they we were all in a picnic.

We finally got moving after an hour wait, and amidst the slow moving traffic reached a point, where I had an excellent view of the traffic jam, A lake to my right and a long line of headlights appearing like the English alphabet Y. Immediately the blogger in me woke up, I wanted to capture the sight in my mobile camera, and probably do a post here about it, so I take out my mobile, adjust the zoom, and ask my friend to move to the side, so I get a better view, move a little front, so that I am closer to the window and can get a better view.  

Now how does this remind one of being slapped. Well what followed was something which drove me into a complete shell.

A friend who was sitting next to me suddenly stops me and asks, what are you doing?, why are you taking picture of that girl in the car, she is staring at you from long?.

One could visibly see how scared I was, I immediately closed my clam shell phone, and just turned around, and could not get enough courage to look in the same direction again, then I slowly began to talk asking him what happened. Apparently I had been so busy looking at the traffic jam, I never realized that there was a car quite next to our cab, and it had a girl and a guy in the front seat, probably her husband. And from the way it appeared to all the people, I was taking her photograph, openly, adjusting for a better view, and apparently she saw me once, and began getting annoyed a little.

Thinking that we were struck in a traffic jam, and were moving closely, and our can was just in her husband’s striking distance, gave me goose bumps for long time. People noticed that too, they started teasing me about how I went silent, the fact was that I could not speak for sometime, man was I scared.

Well there goes my experience of an virtual slap.

One lesson learnt, mobile phone camera’s are not my cup of tea.


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  1. wow! I got one more reason why I love to be a woman 😀
    About using mobile camera, only once I got scolding from Dad, when I was clicking in airport….after that not even once I got gutts to open my mobile camera. I can well imagine your experience 🙂

  2. he he he 😀 😀

    I wudnt have noticed anyways.. umm I use my mob cam often.. lot lot more than the usual one 🙂

    but then a guy wud b flattered that a girl took his pic.. isnt it?

  3. I think that everyone has had an experience where their actions or speech are misinterpreted by the other’s around them…because they don’t see things the same way as you do.

    I remember a long time ago I had gone camping with my family, my cousin Erin’s family-and I believe my cousin Becky had gone as well. We were walking around the camp ground and I saw someone driving a golf cart (common for the campgrounds around here) and I noticed it had a bumper sticker that said “I can’t help it if I look good” or something to that effect. I got a kick out of it and I pointed it out to my cousins-who thought I was referring to myself in regards to the man driving said golf cart! It was quite a “slap” to me.

  4. Neilina..how does this act as a good reason to be woman? 🙂

    BM..yep too much of coincidence..you’re right ..

    Autumn, I guess she was totally creeped.

    Sameera..unwanted scene is what scared me

    Winnie..If I were to be that guy..I would be creeped 🙂

    Suma..totally true

    Swat..what was that about the girl

    Silver..yeah that does sound a little emberassing

    BB..not fun for me 😀

    Vanilla..yep a lesson learnt badly

    GG..I am still emberassed

    Saumya..I am sure if it were to be you, you would have thought of me as a cheapskate [In your own terminology ;)]

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