Its been more than six years since this particular mall opened here in Bangalore, one of the first malls of this city, and according to me still the best one around. I remember getting into this mall for the first time, I was doing bachelors at that time, probably in my third year or so. I walked into the mall, and this fresh smell of soap drew me towards this shop. People who know me will not be surprised, because they would know easily how much I am driven by my sense of smell, and anything which smells nice attracts me. Anyways the shop I was talking about was named “Lush“, its a home made Gourmet bath and body care shop.

I remember walking in and being shocked looking at their prices. For a middle class student, for whom an expense soap would mean something like 30Rs, being at a soap shop, where the starting range is something like 200Rs for 100gms of soap can be really overwhelming. For a moment I could not cope up with the fact that someone would really spend so much on bath or personal care. Of course I was way too naive about the spending and the purchasing power of the new age Bangloreans at that time. I did not buy anything in that shop that day. I just thought, may be someday when I earn a fat salary, I would surely buy a soap there.

Its been almost six years now, and invariably every time I go into this mall, I can smell their fresh soap at the entrance itself. My old weakness for good smell has not diminished either, so I end up going into the shop many a times. And every time I go, I look at the prices, a 1200Rs bottle of shampoo, or a 450Rs per 50 gms of soap, or a weird jelly looking soap which smells even weirder, and can’t get myself spending that much money on the piece of soap. I always have contrasting thoughts about myself in that shop, I hate to go to a shop and not buy anything, I feel its kind of cheap, and here I go every time and not get myself to buy a piece. I go spend like 800Rs on a meal without thinking twice, and here on something which I always want to do, I cannot get myself to go ahead and buy. Why these contrasting thoughts?.

Somehow I have never been able to convince my mind to go ahead and buy something from that shop, at the same time I have not been able to stop myself from getting into the shop. May be I go there with a hope that prices have become less, or may be I go there with a hope that the prices will stop looking so exorbitant to me.

Today I went there again, with lot of determination to buy something or the other. But you know as usual, I looked at the prices, smelt some of the soap, and I just walked out.

May be that store acts as a yardstick to measure the amount of change in me. May be I always go there to check if I am the same old guy who I once was, may be I want to see if the time/world/job/money have changed me enough to make me forget the things which I felt strongly for at one time.

I guess I should be happy, I haven’t given up some of my stands yet.

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  1. Aawww, very nostalgic post. The attention to detail is lovely. I love people who smell good. I like nice fragrant places. Believe it or not, the thoughts and the way you think changes with smell, atleast for me. And somehow i like the mild sweat smell on men. Very manly.
    It’s one of my quirks also- getting into an overpriced store and telling myself that I’ll kick it’s ass once I start earning.

  2. I feel the same about such high prices products too but last week finally yielded to temptation and ended up spending 3k in Bodyshop.It’s ok once in a while I guess 🙂

  3. Yep..you should be happy guy! Proud of you that you stick to your standards. Respect for you has taken a step further 😀
    It also happens with me…m crazy about candles, but still haven’t got into buying some awesome fragnant candles. I enter into shop with a whim to buy candles, but always come out empty handed. Desire doesn’t harvest heart’s language everytime. But like Sameera said, once in a while is okay…..you have got responsibility of your heart also 🙂

  4. Indulging is not a standard by any means. Luxury brands are not cup of tea for every one ; even if people could afford it. Lush is another luxury brand in cosmetics. I am sure you wont mind spending that extra buck on a jeans or some gadget. So on similar lines people wont mind splurging on Lush.

    I did not like the tone of your post. It was more of downing the brand and “how one can spend so much on such things” than anything else.

  5. Think of it as a smelling spa…LOL
    sniff sniff….ahhh….good therapy….if you bought it and brought it home, it probably wouldn’t have the attraction it does now….a spa is only fun if you go once in awhile…if its all the time it becomes a chore…so sometimes is fun!

  6. Swat..even though it was not my quirk to buy something there once I start earning, I had imagined my outlook towards high priced stuff would change once I started earning, somehow it has not happened so far.

    Sameera.I guess its ok once in a while

    Nelina..I guess I have no responsibility

    Vanilla..Sneeze?..that sounds bad..

    BM..Are you referring to the sentance “For a moment I could not cope up with the fact that someone would really spend so much on bath or personal care”: ?.. If so, failure to cope up is something which is my problem, I do not think I downed anyone or the brand.

    GG..I think I agree with you, if I brought it home may be I would have lost interest

    Winne..nope!, not those

    Preethi, I hope they dont 🙂

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