Rock On


I finally watched a movie in theater, the last one was on Jan 26th 2008 “Taare Zameen Par”, and after almost nine months I got to see the next one, “Rock On”. I know I am late, its long time since the movie released, and the blogland has almost forgotten the movie, so many reviews for and against the movie some weeks back. So here is my take on the movie.

To say my verdict in least number of words, “I liked the movie”.

There you go simple as that, liked it. Now lets talk a little bit more about the movie, like all movies which I watch, in this movie too I found some positives and some negatives. Lets start with the positives first.

Dil Chahta Hain got released in 2001, and it has been a gap of 7 years before this one came out. Its from the same makers, and the lead actor happens to be the director of movies “Dil Chahta Hain” and “Lakshya”. I have been a big big fan of Lakshya, even though it bombed at the boxoffice, and it had some really unwanted drama with AB, I guess the main theme of a confused mid-twenty person was never told with such a poise before. On the same lines DCH too had a pretty common story, An youngster falling for a old lady, couple denying love, or a casanova types who falls for a homely girl. Every story has been told umpteen number of times on celluloid before, but what stood out in the movie was the freshness in the narration and treatment of the subject. Rock On too begins with the same weakness, a coming of age story of a rock band has been told so many times in english movies that you can hardly innovate in terms of story. The Idea of narration through flashing flash backs is amazingly fresh, even though its very similar to DCH, it took 7 years for someone to bring back this kind of narration back to Hindi cinema.

Next big winner in the movie is editing, very slick and sharp. I never felt a scene was dragged throughout the movie. Precise amounts of a scene is extremely important to keep the interest of the audience, even a slight slack can result in boredom, and specially in a movie aimed more towards an young audience. So Kudos to the editor Deepa Bhatia for such good work.

Casting, I think the makers could have really screwed in this department, but they didn’t. Instead for opting some really famous actors, they took people who are not very starry, and suited the role. The idea of a singing rock star could have been really spoiled by well known actors. Instead they choose Farhan Akthar, I knew he could sing well, but the idea of him being the leading man, and a singing star still sounds a little unbelieavable to me. He doesn’t disappoint, he has done a decent job as an actor, and a great one as a singer. Regarding the rest of the cast, it pains to see the talented Purab Kohli being wasted, how can one spoil such a good talent. He hardly has anything to do in the movie, so is Luke kenny. Arjun Rampal was decent. The leading ladies, I guess Prachi Desai was good enough, but not a meaty role at all, and the other lady who plays Debbie was good. But again, not much of the role for the ladies.

Guess we should move onto the negatives.

Even though editing was very good, I guess somewhere in the screen play there was a lack of continuity in between. I mean screenplay could have been better. Places where you felt the story was unbelievable, one does not generally walk off a close relation like the one FA shares with the lady Tanya.

Music. I know the songs have been a rage, and very popular and I liked some of the songs as well. But what really disappointed me was the lyrics, real crappy wordings. I think people might not like this criticism, or may be I am not used to the “rock” kind of lyrics, but then Javed Akthar saab doing this work, I think he could have done much much better. The songs are catchy, but lyrics a big let down.

The cliches, why on earth do we still get stuck in the old cliches?. Like any romantic movie should have the airport scene at the end, where the lovers meet, any band movie should have one of the member joining the party late, one of the member should fall terminally ill. Haven’t we seen this before so many times?, still we continue to use these cliches rich in melodrama to attract viewers. I think this was the biggest let down in the movie as far as I was concerned.

All said and done, it was a good movie, certainly different from the rest of the pack.


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  1. I love Lakshya! And movies like that… I agree they could have worked on the screenplay in the scenes involving Farhan dumping that lady.
    But Farhan was good *wink*

  2. God knows when I will be able to see this movie 🙂
    I loved the song…ye tumhari meri baatein. Hope next review will come soon….not after a gap of almost 9 months.

  3. Sameera..I did enjoy the movie 🙂

    Swat..Good to see one more person liking the movie Lakshya

    Neilina..couple of other songs are good as well

    Cool Priti..did you like it?

    Meena..let me know if you watch and how you liked it 🙂 could give the movie a aint so bad

  4. I loved the movie. Have to confess that after watching it twice in theatre. Agree about the sloppy lyrics, yet I loved the climax concert. That was the best part! 😉

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