“I will not take No for an answer!”


“I will not take No for an answer”, sounds very cheesy isn’t it, straight from one of the soap operas or from a cheesy Hollywood movie. To me, in a way, it symbolizes “perseverance”, a way of accepting that the answer is No, but with a lot of confidence that he/she is capable of turning that no into an yes.

Perseverance for ages has been on of desired qualities in an individual, we are supposed to not give up, have patience, and slowly conquer what we set out for, even if we are faced by many uncertainties and rejections, even when your mind can clearly see a defeat or a failure, we are supposed to stick around, until we get what we set out for.

What do we men generally seek for?,
A career [ I thought of writing job here, but then job does not make much just for the long perseverance isn’t it?, I guess it has to be the career, and not job].

Love, woman, or in some cases a partner irrespective of the gender

Money in general

Or even something as abstract as happiness.

So lets take the typical case of a woman, so its been ages since man has began to woo women. I am not aware of any statistics, but by considering pure probability, there is 50% chance that the woman would reject the man’s advance towards her. Assuming the man would not take No for answer, and continues wooing the same women, there would be another 25% chances that she would give in after a lot of perseverance from the man.

Now the logic must be fair and mutual right?, so the woman too would stick to her answer of NO, and show a lot of perseverance in the act of rejecting the man.

One cannot stick the same thing for ever right?, so what if I fail in this job, should I stick on forever to this profession, and never think outside?. May be this is not the right profession for me, may be I have a bright future elsewhere.

So where does one draw the line, where should one stop?, and say ok I give up and I move onto things which he is capable of conquering rather then mull over the dead meat?.

Another thing to consider is, the extent of the damage one can cause, when one has persevered on a thing all his/her life, and then has to deal with failure after a long time, just imagine, a 45 year old discovering that he has no future in the business he has struggled to set up for 20 years of his life?, one who did not take up another job, because he was taught not to give up.

I know the answers to such questions are never sharp or to the point, its something one has to know on their own, determine as they live their life, and decide based on logic and instincts.

When one analysis things like these as a forethought, the decision to stop sounds so difficult. I guess there are things in life, which we only learn/realize in retrospect.


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  1. There is nothing absolute only relative, thats what I think! And about drawing lines, am still confused on this. No comments for this!
    ‘I will not take No for an answer’ gives confidence on one side and on the other opposite side, gives flexibility….thats what gives value to the coin of life!

  2. “I will not take No” sounds more arrogant than perseverance to me. Like being aggressive is different than being a great negotiator.
    there is no fixed answer about where to draw lines. sometimes you get signals enough of them. Sometimes you need to read between lines.
    more ever being not suitable for doing something is part of failure; but it opens thousand other opportunities to explore. If I am unable to achieve in “X” thing that should not hamper me excelling in “Y”. I hope I am making sense.

  3. I am the victim of persistence. My Poor Hubby refused to acknowledge that I was semi-engaged to someone else. I was young & easily swayed by charm & said persistence (obviously, since I married him). In fact, it’s persistence that has kept our marriage going as long as it has. I’m just stubborn. Sometimes persistence needs to be abandoned when you have no control over what it is you’re trying to acheive. I know this from personal experience, as well. I guess the key is to pick one’s battles. …That’s my opinion, anyway. 🙂

  4. My apologies ahead of time, but with the woman one, all I could think of was restraining order…LOL
    I think perserverance is important, I also think knowing your limits is too. Being realistic, and changing the perspective is important too. It’s all in the way ya see it 😉

  5. Umm as far as the man n woman angle.. its the womans way of judging how much a guy wants her.. which translates into love.. a sad way but still its true,, the more the guy perseveres the more the girl believe in his love..

    And @ the other stuff.. as u said its hard to draw a line.. sooner or later we succumb..

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