History “termed”.


The topic over at sunday scribblings this week is “If I had to live at a different time in history”, this was supposed to highlight which era I would like to go back to, when, why and where. All I could think of was why I would like to go back in history, for whom, and whats history for me. Here are a couple of lines I came up with.

If today,
is not,
you want me
live in,
would love
back to


I guess,
it’s not
what was
as history,
I want to
go back to,
may be
from that era
I would
to return



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  1. What it takes to return again into history which you have ‘termed’? If history is what, which is made by ‘us’ only then I guess it is not difficult to ‘term’ history as present. Or we can never do this? I think it is the most different and unique in-take for the sunday scribbling subject.

  2. LOL!!! I never get to understand what exactly you are saying in one shot, my interpretation is always different from yours and now you are not getting wht I mean to say 🙂 Oppps! I am also now not getting what exactly I wanted to say tht moment! 😀
    ……. if I go with this new ‘term’ of history purely, I guess it won’t be difficult to take it to present……My thoughts were swinging whether ‘us’ can do this or not……Hope it is okay this time!

  3. Thanks Paisley..well more than ideal, its what we want to get back to..may be it has nothing to do with era.

    Thanks Robin

    GG..well I hope the person who ends up eventually with me too has the same opinion as you 🙂

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