Wisdom from a TV show-2


“Hardest part of saying goodbye is having to do it again, every single day.”

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  1. I think ‘again’ makes difference here. There is still hope to meet again. And sometimes keeping hope is worst thing!
    Don’t know why but I don’t want to see this quote negatively.

  2. Preethi, who is Randy Pausch?

    Neilina, I agree I do not think this is about negative, this is about how one does not easy get off my mind, and the amount of impact they leave behind..btw this goodbye was in the context of death btw.

    BB..most of the times we do not know which category the current one belongs to 🙂

    Vanilla, I guess so 🙂

  3. @#9: Randy Paush is the prof who started the last lecture series. The videos of his lectures must be available on youtube, and are worth watching..

    Btw, which show is this from?

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