Random Randomness #42/08


Guys Random Randomness series is back, I know its been a long time, and am sure many of new people around here have not seen the old series I used to do, so if you have not read the previous posts in the series please do check out the posts “Random Randomness”

Random memories:
I do not get involved too much into tv shows [or that is what I claim], specially when it is a reality show, I think most of them are rigged, and drama thrown in to increase the viewership, but one show which I have been watching from long time is “Indian Idol”. Season 4 has started and like  all other seasons, I am watching this one as well. The initial rounds are the ones which I enjoy the most, I love to see the faces in the audition rounds, because you get total entertainment watching some really good and bad voices.
What I love the most about these rounds are the memories they bring back to me, the memories of the campus interviews from 6 years back, when we used to go do the entrance test for companies, and then they used to come out and announce names of people who made through to the next round, that anxiety and anticipation with which we used to wait and the tension which used to build. The show brings back memories, of joy when you get to finally hear that you have made it to the final list.

Random Musings:
If you are struck in a confined space with just another person, and you start smelling something stale, you look around and see that the windows are closed, and the only source of foul smell is the other person probably breaking wind. 
I am sure we would have come across this situation many times, every time I end up in one such, only thought that comes to my mind is that, “what would be going on in the other person’s mind, would he/she realize I know its him/her, if yes, how would they react”. 🙂

Random wonderings:
I always wonder how one man’s music is other man’s noise. I always have this liking towards songs with not too much of a loud music. You see a car go by, and you can here the stereo, and all you can make out is this sound “dink chick”, I hate such songs. On the contrary I see people who travel along with me, or use my personal music system complain how I can listen to such boring songs early in the mornings. See one man’s music and other’s noise.

Random books:
I just finished reading “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. . This is my second book from the author, like the first one which was Memories of My Melancholy whores this too I found a little boring, I liked it in parts, on the whole not such an impressive book. 

Random conversation:
Rambler had a conversation with a colleague who seem to be blaming his marriage for his inability to take risks. So lets call this colleague K.
K: Man you should finish all your things before marriage, if you are planning a change of company or further studies, just finish it now. Once you are married you cannot take any risks.
Rambler: Oh yeah, After marriage, you loose the ability to “take” things, you will just be “given” things instead 🙂
I guess now Rambler is one step closer to be called “smart mouth”

Random complaints:
People, when will we start having better public toilets?, recently I had the [mis]fortune of having to use the public toilet in one of the malls, it was not a small place, so people, only educated ones come around the place. I expected the place to be a little clean at least. But man was I wrong, I think people do not have the habit of flushing at all, or may be they eat something so nasty that the flushing does not seem to help. What ever it is, I just wish they grow up.


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  1. Random Memories – Me too, don’t like reality shows for the reason when they play with real emotions and in Indian Idol….oh….I get to know my brothers and sisters, who are like me in singing! I feel very happy to see this likeness!
    Random Musings – You can try out 😉
    Random Wonderings – Sone other’s song is also your noise Mr. Rambler!
    Random Books – Cool!
    Random conversation – hehehe…….I guess you have smart mouth for marriage topics 😀
    Random Complaints – No comments…….I don’t want to spoil my mood!

  2. ohh I like random things. Yay! you have becoma smart mouth definitely 🙂
    And that friend R needs a smack, it is not the marriage it is he who is to be blamed!

    and then public toilets *sigh – no comments!

    and the book – really?? I felt that feeling from the ‘TITLE’ 😀 so I have not read any. WHatdo u think Abput Love at the time cholera[ classic?]


    Neither do i like Reality shows, but i like the hop in there. 😦

  3. Ah, music. It can bring people together or force them apart. It’s true. There’s some music I just cannot stand to hear. You’d probably despise some of my favorite stuff. 😉 Noisy is good for just the right moods.
    You are so right about marriage. I bet you’ll have the presence of mind to give back when the time comes for you. (Unlike so many husbands…)

  4. Ah nice series!

    Random memories- I know.. I like it too!

    Random musings- You can try and cover your nose and act like.. “Eeewww”.. and then they will know 😀 😀

    Random wondering – Sigh… thats like me and my sister.. she likes noise and I boring songs.. you get the picture right?

    Random books- I was in landmark.. was about to pick it up.. but well passed through.. may be you can review it for me 😀 😀

    Umm @ toilets.. I guess education doesnt mean hygenic.. besides.. one may take care of their toilets.. but in public ppl tend to not care .. sadly so 😦

  5. you should do this more often! this my first random ramblings…the part of the marriage…good for you not being married yet and realizing that!! If I couldn’t take stuff now…I’d be in so much trouble…lol
    and the music! the toilets! everything…so true…I can so relate to this post…lol
    Sorry I haven’t been here in awhile, I got a writing job! yay for me…lol
    and my youngest has been very sick this week…sigh
    I’m off to read the posts I’ve missed!

  6. Neilina..glad you said smart mouth only when it comes to marriage topic 🙂

    SWAT…oh come on, don’t go down with out a fight..hheehhee keidding

    Veens.Have not tread that book yet

    Autumn ” I bet you’ll have the presence of mind to give back when the time comes for you” oooh I am flattered 🙂

    Winnie… review?..no way 🙂

    Preethi..so very true..:D

    GG..really ? do you think it is good to be a smart mouth…lol 😀

  7. Well, somehow the very few times that I have chosen to use the public toilets they have been clean and I truly thnak the Lord for that. 🙂
    The reality bit, totally…. I mean I remember being so anxious that I could have eaten glass and its teh same for them. the best part is when they get to celebrate holding that yellow peice of paper like holding on to a lifeline.
    As for the music bit, thats very true. Bon Jovi and Guns and Roses is music to me and wild weird screechy noises to my grandmum.

    BB…you got to be lucky.

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