The voice in my head

Serene blue sea,
White sand close by,
A walk on the beach,
A peaceful soul,
And a clear mind.

A constant chatter,
Never ending corrections,
and the crashing of hopes.
Occasional guidelines,
And miraculous solutions too.

You never stop yapping, 
do you?.

I guess,
Blessed we are.
Silence is my style
And your’s 
Perseverance .
 Topic over at “Sunday scribblings” is “my style”, and here is my 55 cents on the topic.

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  1. Does your silence not have perseverance? What will be the amalgam of your silence and his perseverance? Will anything come out? Can your silence break his perseverance and his preservance your silence? Is this called blessing?

  2. I can relate to this, and I think that’s why writing is so important. You did a wonderful job of describing all those wonderful and frustrating things that go on in our heads. Great style.

  3. Thanks you people for the encouraging words..

    Silence is in this context a symbol of void, and no it cannot have perseverance, because if it does its gonna induce a want to stick to it, which inturn would spoil the silence.
    The amalgamation of my silence and his perseverance is “myself”
    No it can’t break, they both have to coexist, and I am ok with it
    The blessing I was talking about, is the idea of coexistance, because without either of us “I” would not be complete.
    Hope I could make some sense here 😀

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