A conscious trail of thought.


“Real Love is a conscious choice made with your head, confirmed by your heart and executed by your person. Every act of love is an act of choice.”

I think I disagree

Every act of choice is an act of love otherwise we would not choose in the first place

I choose something because I love it and without love I would never choose something

If we choose something which we don’t love, it would not be termed as choice its something which is forced

If you choose something because time/situation demands it, then again its not a choice, its a settlement or an agreement

When you choose something when time demands it, its a sort of an agreement you go into and not a choice, you settle for something rather choose it

If we have too many agreements/settlements in our life ,it would mean that you are giving into lot of demands, then it means its time to look back.

If we do not have any option then go with it..but then may be I would not call it a choice . Well I would call it Life

Well I think we don’t get to choose everything in life, and sometimes it works out for the good…so when it really gives us a choice why not go and make the best use of it, go and choose the things we love

What if we have nothing which we love in front of us, then we must go in search of it, or may be hold on a little we never know what we love. I mean I think no one really knows until one actually feel it

What if we really dont have time to find what we love. may be that’s the thing we are doing wrong, always thinking about time, may be we should let time do its work, and us ours

What if I neither have faith in myself or on time?, I think we ought to, faith is the basis of lifeforms, faith on anything we consider..if nothing then just believe in faith, anything you trust, anyone you want to trust.

What if you do not get a sense of trust in things we see, does trust lead to compromise?. I guess then we should not see, and trust does not lead to compromise, rather it opens you up, it opens you up for the world and the world includes us.

What if we wonder will the world be bothered whether I am opening up or not, and what if they want me in closed. I guess world wants us to open up and loves it that way.

You know, when we close the doors its our rooms which end up darker and not the world



Guys I am off for a vacation, I wouldn’t be around for some time. Hopefully I will be back with a better frame of mind, and with more energy to ramble over here, until then goodbye people.


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  1. You know, when we close the doors its our rooms which end up darker and not the world

    Ah!! Too true!

    Happy vacationing! Loved the way your thinking went! really! And i do agree.. wholeheartedly!

    Thanks Winnie

  2. Rambler, I have two things to say:
    1. You are ready!
    2. You need the break!
    Have a great vacation and bring back some happy memories…

    Saumya.. Ready for what?

  3. Rambler I feel the thought is more inclined to love and the wordings that you posted is more inclined to life. I have come across the real courageous things – faith, trust and choice! Loved your thoughts!
    Happy Vaccations…….waiting now to read your trip post! 🙂

    Neilina..I guess thats the beauty of thoughts, you can see then in a way your mind sees them.

  4. hey, great trail of thought.

    there are several lines i like, but this one i like best:

    ‘You know, when we close the doors its our rooms which end up darker and not the world’

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