I have a feeling that I am running away from things, rather running away from people. I seem to be keeping myself out of reach of people, I am not able to decide if it is by chance or by choice. Why do I have a feeling that I am getting shut into my shell, a place which I am not fond of.


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  1. Sometimes you have to look within to look without.. if you are running away from people.. possibly you are running away from yourself.. what is it that you are trying to run from ?? think about it 🙂

  2. as you wrote on my post, this too shall pass…

    sometimes its a good time for introspection…whether its time for a change, new interests, new motivations…and hope you get out of the shell before you start finding it cosy…

  3. we all have ways of coping… this seems to be yours… I wish you weren’t so hard on yourself… that you could be as kind to you as you are to others… if it were me, writing this… what would you say to me??? For your words have helped me cope many times with some dark, dark places…

  4. I think you are where you are most comfortable, within your shell, even if as you say, you do not like it (which I think you will find you are mistaken).
    All of us zone out now and then and need the “me-only” time, you will find that you will be able to think better and will be able to move better as a result of this time.

  5. Who knows if you are inside the shell, it will help in getting pearl out of you!
    I would say just don’t think about these things……every experience will get something out of you! Don’t feel that you are shut into the shell. If however, you feel that you are getting out of reach of people, just go and talk to them, send mails to all you know, call them…… with them!

  6. Winnie, I do not rule out running away from myself, and I guess I think I know what I want to run away from, and am not able to get that out of my mind

    suma, I seriously hope for this to pass

    Lea, it seems to be so easy to tell others, infact even to self when I tell what I feel, it seems a lot easier to tell myself rather than accept them whole heartedly

    Raji, thats the problem, my shell is where I am not comfortable, see what discomfort one’s conscience can cause himself?

    Nelina, I have never been outgoing and an extrovert who goes and approaches people easily, I guess I will never be too

    vanilla, what I fear the most of being in shell, is being conscious about my own conscience

    pri…definitely would let you know

    Thanks Marja

    gooddaysunshine..i hope it corrects itself

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