A stranger, welcomed.


With life, ready to retire,

Waiting to get cozy,

With those distant howls of jealousy,

And the twilight of reminiscent.

Umpteen attempts of climbing ladders, 

And escaping the snake bites,

Raising suns, and sunny afternoons later

Here I welcome the dark stranger,

Right into my life.

A known stranger from yesterday,

Unknown to the morrow.


Guys I am back doing my sunday scribblings after a gap of about 3 weeks, it feels good to be back to doing things which I like, and one of which happens to be squeezing in stuff into 55 words, here goes my attempt at the prompt “stranger”. One thing though, I am not sure if I wrote this keeping in mind the stranger to be ‘a night’ or ‘the death’, let me know what you guys make of it.


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  1. Initially I felt it is more related to death but as the poem proceeded, I felt the bending towards night. And after reading the poem, it feels to me more of night seen in the death. I loved the way you ended the poem……known stranger! Nice!

  2. I had exactly the same feeling first that it was about a life in its latest hours and than the dark stranger was for me the night.
    I think your poetry is getting stronger every time

  3. I read this somewhere – A day is like an entire life , you start out doing something , never quite get there and before you know it , its over. . . So i guess this fits both ways :). . . .I loved the snake and ladder metaphor , Lovely post 🙂

  4. Funny it can be read both ways! For me personally it meant the stranger within. I’ve found hidden assets that I never acknowledged or thought possible in my youth…Humans are ever evolving if they welcome it!

    Profound piece, I enjoyed very much!

  5. As someone who’s just into the first year of retirement, I found your poem echoing with neither “night” or “death” but more the person you have not had time to become. Perhaps the stranger is the person you will now become, no longer limited by “corporate ladders” and unlimited meetings, but by your own unfolding potential. Yes?

  6. It’s really interesting to see how many things I can come up with for your poem: the night, death, some kind of stranger inside you… After skimming a few comments, it seems as if though we’re all thinking along the same lines. This poem contains a mystery in it that keeps readers guessing. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    I also would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my poetry journal. 🙂


  7. Neilina..seeing night in the death, well I was intending to that, I mean use of night and death interchangeably.

    Thanks Marja, Anthony, lillyasia

    winnie, I agree about the stranger hidden inside, but I guess here I was not talking about him

    STG, thanks for the nice words, why do you don’t like death, death can be as hopeful as life.

    Priya..exactly..isnt our day a leaf out of our life.

    Thanks Giggles, liked the way you interpreted the piece.

    Agree Sis

    Skittles, I miss doing HoT too

    BB,, this was really interesting, never thought that this can be about retirement

    Thanks Lotus, Lucy

    SHG..another new look at the poem, an ex, thanks for the new angle

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