Now Vs Then


I wanted to run away from familiarity, I wanted to have the feeling of a big change, wanted to see if I can survive a big change
The change has become familiar, and I guess I will not be running away from familiarity as such, may be running into one.

I was excited and happy
I am happy but no excitement.

I had so many new things I wanted to try/experience and I even had a fear that I might cross the line.
The excitement has died down drastically, I know what things I will  do, and I guess I know the outcome too.

There was no expectations from me, even from myself.
I guess I am expected to do a lot more, if not by anybody from myself.

Concept of new people excited me.
I will miss the old ‘new’ people.

Everything was an adventure
I got to find newer adventures.

There was no comparison, everything I did made history and memories
I have a lot to compare with, and I have a doubt I might end up feeling sour

I was hopeful the change will do me good.
I am sure the change will bring some changes.

Cooking was scary, and food was a big concern.
No longer afraid, infact I am looking forward to.

Its too early to mention what I am talking about, but this was on my mind for long now, so am just kicking the thoughts out onto here. All I can say now is that, it’s a comparison of times, which I am sure you guys can easily make out.

P.S I think some of the statements are a big give away.


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  1. So, what is that familiar change? old ‘new’ people means?? this one is making me to think hard……and my assumptions will anyway be wrong! Hey, I feel make that comparison feeling is a good sense.
    I guess you have moved, infact it is a positive move. Waise, after reading about cooking, my mouth is watery, m remembering that aloo tikki 😉

  2. There is always a period of change and a period of adjustment to change and than it is time for new change again just like the waves coming up again and again

  3. Ahh you have lost the wonder .. its in the way you look at life.. jaded and all..

    Do something new.. find something to feel the wonder !!

  4. change is a part of life…people change…situations change and life expects us to move on with it! 🙂
    sometimes its tough to accept but it surely IS the only constant!

    hope it works for u….

    take care!

  5. Guys, I have to say I must be good at hiding, none of the people came close to what this really was about.

    SWAT..I think I know does not count 🙂

    Neilina, I am sorry to say you got this wrong again 🙂

    Vanilla, I think I was excited about the journey, and now I am happy about it

    Bundle..yep something on the pipeline

    Marja, true, but I never complained about the change, just identified it

    Meena…jaded look at life, unfortunately nope, I do not think so

    gooddaysunshine..nope to both 🙂

    pri, I hope it works too

    Thanks priya..

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