Scaling lives.


I saw this post sometime back here, and was immediately drawn to the concept. It is like evaluating yourself and I liked the idea a lot. Who better to gauge the progress of my life, than myself. I guess this would really help to improve things which I am not so happy about, so here it goes my answer to the all important question

How would you rate your life?…On a scale of 1 to 10.…

Work wise?? When one moves from a job which you hate a lot, to even something which is mediocre, you just love the change. I guess my current job began like that. And once you get to see the extreme, you are always afraid to change the job because from mediocre you could go back to the worse. Even though I crib about my job, somewhere subconsciously I am satisfied, otherwise I wouldn’t stick for almost 5 years now. Decent money, decent work load, and decent workplace respect, so can one blame me for being complacent?.
I guess I would rate my work 7/10

Health wise??  I am no macho man, nor the hunky fit poster pinup, but I have never fell sick in a serious manner. Yes my eyes require glasses to see properly, and my hairs wouldn’t need comb few years down the line, and may be my knees aren’t world strongest, nor my teeth. But still a working piece I am.
I guess I shall rate myself 6/10
[I know all the food I eat, my heart may not be the healthiest ;)]

Education ?? I think I did what I wanted to, and chose not to do things I didn’t. However stupid it may sound to others, there were my decisions and I still stand by it. You know what I am satisfied with what I achieved.
I shall rate myself 8/10

Spiritual factor?? I am at a stage where I do not understand spirituality, or rather trying to define my own meaning for the word, because I feel spirituality is a very subjective thought. I do believe in religion as well as spirituality, and the practices excite me a lot. I guess I haven’t yet found  my spiritual interests. 
I think I will rate 4/10

Family factor??  I love this part, I am not embarrassed to say that I am a family man, and most of my decisions are keeping them in mind, I might argue/fight with my parents a lot, I may not be the friendliest person amongst the relatives, but I like to believe I just love the family bond, and blessed to be in a family like mine. So I think I shall rate this 7/10 

Stress factor?? I suck at stress, even though I handle stress decently, I make my life stressful unnecessarily, I guess I really got to improve this one 
I rate myself 3/10

Psychological factor?? Hmm I don’t know how one can rate themselves on this factor. If this is about moods and state of mind, I guess I am extremely moody and get highs and lows very quickly. I can’t say if that is good or bad, I can’t say being sensitive is good or bad. So let me take the middle ground on this one and rate myself 5/10


here’s the grand total 40/70 .. that would come up to nearly 57%

I am not sure If I should be happy about my rating, but am now sure about few things to work on.

Guys any of you interested in trying this one?…try it, I found it really interesting.


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  1. Intersting……..will try out!
    Nice to know that you are family man…proud of you! 🙂
    Oh…yeah, mood swings….woh tow hai. Don’t you think, you stand somewhere ahead in spiritual factor?

  2. It sounds like it’s all relative. I think we change position and views as we go along so while you may score 57% today, this time next year, you may answer the same questions very differently.
    I’m not sure I like questionnaires like this – they seek to pigeonhole one and I never think that’s a good idea – far more fun just living and being in the moment! 🙂

  3. ahh u tried it on!! Cool!!

    I guess we should keep evaluating about ourselves like this.. for when i was doing it i was feeling low.. but I realized am really not that sad with my life and suddenly i was upbeat again.. makes sense??

  4. should try it, I would be interested to see how you rate yourself
    no actually spiritually I think I rated myself right, not even close to it 🙂

    Vanilla, don’t you think one can use this as a tool to work on things to make themselves happier?

    GG..passing, well thats a very interesting point, what percentage do you think is passing one

    swat education and 10?, my mom would never would I 😀 very true

    Preethi, tough?..nah I think the scoring was relative 🙂

    Saumya, of all the people I think you should do this, from what I know I am sure you would enjoy this

    Meena..totally makes sense, know we know what to work on

  5. That’s an interesting one rambler. It is common that smart people are sensitive. They are therefore also the best artists poets etc. So every “bad” thing has a good side

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