Hours of darkness


I am grateful,

For those hours of darkness

When you force me

To come out of my blinding room.

Away from the lights and puters

Into open air and sky full of stars.

To a level of highness

Which I knew existed, but somehow avoided.

I am grateful

For those hours of darkness

As I tumble along

In the semi darkness of the moonlight

Free from a feeling of being pulled back,

With a unknown smile on my lips

With music in my ears,

And sways of dance on my hips.

I am grateful

For those hours of darkness

As I discover

Those hidden thoughts and desires

As I for once

Live without caring for being watched

As I forget

All inhibitions and fears and be not ‘me’

I am grateful

For those hours of darkness


This has to be the most absurd thing I have written, with the daily power cuts here in Bangalore, I am left with no choice but to think of something to do with no power. Today I just out of the blue decided to go up onto the terrace, with my ipod stuck to my ears, I just walked around tumbling on small stones and looking into the sky. Its strange isn’t it, the feeling of the freeness you get when you think you cannot be seen, once in the darkness, even though you have no walls around you, you have a open sky above your head, and darkness all around, you feel a kind of freedom, and bid goodbye to all your inhibitions and shyness. 


The topic over at Sunday scribblings this week is “grateful”, aren’t I grateful for thoughts like these.


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  1. Stunning- this really took my breath away. I am most comfortable in the darkness and have never entirely understood why, but you have captured it perfectly for me.
    I love how you just ‘go with the words’…this spoke volumes to me. I just found you today on SS but I’ll definitely be back to read more …


  2. Damn! I agree! I loved your poem and your positive outlook about outages.. generally I end up singing songs and dancing too if its dark.. generally I wouldn’t do both..

  3. really enjoyed reading this piece. it’s almost musical in some places. even i have the tendency to use a chorus [if that’s the word] type thing sometimes, on the few occasions i write poetry.

    i wish i made better use of power cuts here in chennai. i usually just read the newspaper or something 🙂

  4. J, actually power outages made me realize the simple things I was missing

    Linda, I am sure that would be a lot of fun

    Anthony, so very true, actually I did not mean the darkness to be just the power cut here

    Thanks Tumblewords

    bellamocha, thank you very much for such nice words

    Thanks carolbygrace

    Keith, I am not sure if this is perfection 🙂

    Thanks Marja

    STG..there is a comfort in so many simple things, just looks like we ignore them

    Thanks Tammy

    Meena, have never seen myself swaying..I wouldnt call it dance, but then its not standing still either 🙂

    Paisley. that sounds like a neat plan

    Vanilla, there, you hit the right chord

    Preethi, and people say I am pessimestic

    Thanks bundleofcontradictions

    Niyo..welcome here, actually I did not think the lines could be chorus

    Thanks Darlene

    Neilina..oh no , no more power cuts

    Thanks nrsl..

    GUYS, actually the poem was not just about the hours of darkness induced due to power outages, this was how we can use the periods of darkness in our lives, to reach higher level, which we know exists but somehow seem to ignore them, at that level, we can be as free as we want, and have a pleasure just like what we get from music and dancing, a kind of liberating experience. All this, can be easily had, we just need to make use of the time

  5. We often hide ourselves behind the walls, created by us and unknowingly create darkness in our rooms. A moment surely comes when we have to move out and have to see what is there beyond the walls. Shouldn’t we be grateful forsad days which makes us to go on the way of happiness. What now am I feeling is that I should be thankful to each and every moment, that moment also which has dipped me in unhappiness and unsatisfaction.

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