Wisdom from a movie


 I’d be driving along and I’d happen to look up in the rear view mirror, there’d be all these bloody people and crashed cars in the street and I’d think, “Jesus, there’s a lot of bad drivers in this neighborhood.” That was me, with people.


I wasn’t even watching the movie, just flipping the channels when I heard this quote, aren’t some writers great?..later found out that this is one of the memorable quotes from the movie “Bounce” acording to imdb 


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  1. whoa you aint a kiddin’.. that was one powerful line,, and the visual that comes to mind with it sure hits home too!!!

    thanks for sharing it with me.. i will have to look into that movie….

  2. Swat, you too??

    Paisley..do let me know if you see the movie..somehow the movie did not appeal as much as this quote

    Bundle..it is

    Marja..it is, isn’t it ?

    Neilina..I hope too

    Vanilla..funny ha 🙂

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