Years from my life


I am dreamer, remember the old series “Mungeri lal ke hasein sapne”?..well not so much, but still once in a while or so, I do dream, more like fantasies you know. Many a times I have caught myself fantasizing in the broad daylight, before you get naughty ideas, let me tell you, they are about things I see myself doing. [Again, people keep the naughtiness out of your minds]. Many a times I have thought, how nice it will be if I spend an year doing this, spend an year there.

So If I were to get an year from my life, all free to do what I want, with no strings attached, these are things I would love to be doing.

I would like to spend an year by studying an year abroad, doing my junior high.

This is sort of going back in time, but it still plays on my mind many a times, may be its got to do with so many series I watch of kids, something attracts me to the years of growing up, with no tension, with so much opportunities. I would love do that again here in India, but I want the exposure to many extra curricular activities, projects, and the life in general associated with an “made to believe” teenage life of a foreign kid.

I would like to spend an year doing what I call Traveling Foodie Journalism.
I really don’t know if the title makes sense, but this is the job title I came up with what I want to do, I want to just travel across the world doing journalism about food around that place. Remember Anthony Bourdain, I think this is my current fantasy profession. Couple of bad things though, as I am a vegetarian it would be tough to fit into the job, secondly I think I will definitely loose the thin frame which I am so accustomed to from last twenty seven years. But who cares about reality in fantasies right? 😉

I would like to spend an year living in some part of Bengal.
I have a strange fascination towards this taste, its rich heritage, its literary prowess, the music, the art associated, everything seems to attract me. How fun it would be to just live there, do what bengali’s do, eat their food, and indulge in things which interest them. I just want to experience the age old bengali life. Probably not in Kolkatta, even if it is there within the old parts. One thing must though are some local bengaly friends, who will take me around and help me lead ‘their’ life. Did I mention I love their pop/jazz culture and should I mention their food?.

I would love spending an year, getting back to studying.
That’s the thing I was best at, you know studying, scoring, exams, books. Its like how Sachin Tendulkar must feel towards cricket. Something which I have done for 22 years of my life. How did I ever decide to just discontinue still haunts me. Not that I cannot start doing that again, but I do not see the point, my decision not to do post graduation had many reasons, which I think is beyond subject of this post. But whatever said and done, I want to get back doing that for just one more year, with the dedication I had all through my student days.
[Now 2 out of 5 fantasies, has me studying in the year, can I say I am not a nerd?.]

I would like to spend an year living in the mountains.
I think this fantasy many others would share with me. there is something about mountains which attracts one and all. I have always been a visitor to the mountains which I tend to hate, I want to live there with having a return date you know, just get a feel that I am a mountain resident, the cold climate, the early sunrise and sunset, the early morning, and late evening chillness just excite me. The laid back life of the mountains is something I would love to experience for an year.

What about you guys? where and how would you want to spend an year.


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  1. Great list Rambler I would like you love to go study for a year and to travel around and do journalism would be for me an ultimate dream as wel. The focus for me would be on culture not on food however. You are stil young Rambler You could do it.
    Don’t know anything about Bengal but would love too and I don’t like to live in the mountains but love living close to them
    Have a great day

  2. Mountains! I’m a huge fan of mountains (& a good thing, living where I do), so I strongly advise finding some mountain time. 🙂

  3. Kind of scary, but a lot of those things are things that I would do…though, instead of living in Bengal, I would love to live in either Australia or the UK….and I kind of do live in the Mountains…or close enough to them so it’s somewhat satisfying, though, nothing like the Rockies.

  4. I can relate to being a travelling food journo! So long as I didn’t have to eat some of the really icky things Bourdain ate!
    And I don’t know about a whole year in the mountains, but I could definitely to a few months, who knows, maybe I wouldn’t ever want to come down after that! 😉

  5. For me 1 year is too long……My dreams are more of a day and at the max -a week! Mr. Mungeri lal ke haseen sapne………..woh bhi Paanch….what about others??

  6. Marja..even though I like is at a different level altogether 🙂

    Meena..I hope too

    nrsl…sometimes wishes are great when they remain one 🙂

    bundle..yeah I would love that too

    silver..UK?..hmm not so sure about that

    Vanilla..well icky is fun at times 🙂 drop in your link, would be fun to read yours

    Neilina..hmm I think I dream big..atleast in terms of period of days 😀

    DC ah would be fun to read your list.

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