the summer 

of may

And I, 

onset of 


The September.


There was a line in the movie “Little Manhatten” where it goes something like “she is may and I am september”, somehow the line caught onto me, and I started thinking so many things it can mean, the line in the movie is used to depict that “she” is born in may, and “he” in september, but I could come up with atleast 4 different interpretations of what the months could stand for. This is one of my versions of the line.

The topic over at Sunday Scribblings happens to be “winter”, and I thought may be this is close to the prompt.


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  1. great interpretation! I love when a line from either a movie or book just sticks with u and you find yourself analyzing and reanalyzing it often! Last night I saw a bore of a movie but the key words- delicate negotiation – struck a key note with me too.

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