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When someone is feeling happy, may be he/she has a news to share, and wants to celebrate, and by celebrate it does not mean have a big party, may be just talk about it, share a few laughs, and just feel good you know. And he/she goes to bed with a feeling that he/she should have had someone to celebrate with, or may be to call and talk about this, does it indicate loneliness or just being alone.

As wordpress was kind enough to provide a free poll service, I decided to use the same this time..go ahead guys let me know


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  1. That is when I feel very lonely. I can’t think of even one person to whom I can call and share my happiness. Forget about sadness, there is no one even to share your happiness………

  2. It is loneliness. and is something that I am feeling right now.. when you come home and you wish someone would just smile and sit with you.. or open the door with a smile may be ?

    etc etc.,..

  3. Sounds lonely to me, and trust me I know the feeling! Then again, it could depend on the person’s frame of mind at any given moment… Indecisive, aren’t I? lol

  4. good question you know.
    its loneliness to a certain extent, not having a person to share your happiness with. but then I think it depicts being alone too because sharing happiness is not just basic sharing you know. you should have the right person to share it with, a person who is genuinely happy about it for you.

  5. i believe you are succumbing to the mating ritual.. you my friend should be on the lookout for a companion.. you yearn for one,, even if you will not admit it to yourself…….

    • People thanks for voting over here..this was not really about me, but a situation I came up with, and wanted to really know opinion of you guys. The poll ran really close till one point, we had 50/50, finally it turns out loneliness won 60 to 30%..so thanks you guys once again.

      Paisley..hmm may not be mating ritual, may be yes about companionship..
      btw this post was not just about myself

      BlueButterfly..you know what you bring a different angle to the question, so being with people need not mean you are not alone..

      Fullmoononearth..aren’t people supposed to complete us?

      SWAT, writing for cows, I third you guys 😀

      NRSL, loneliness isn’t fun, I agree..but then how do you define loneliness is the question

      Surkaksha..I agree with you, but then how would you categorize this one ?

      Bundle..me too have been indecisive about this one

      Marja..loved your comment, when you are happy you don’t need anybody around..

      Vanilla..should have had..might also mean should have had but not necessary

      Meena..when I come home, all I want is a plateful of stuff to eat..then I will find me automatically smiling:D

      Darknight, Chandni, Darlene..thanks for your thoughts

      Nelina..so you think loneliness too

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