Attention fellow bloggers


Have you ever seen a girl and felt,  I am sure she will one day be one of the prettiest girls, someone whom you would want for yourself, someone whose beauty you would totally fall for?.


Have you ever seen a girl and felt, she will  one day be hell of an Orator, someone who you would be proud to know, speak to, discuss and argue with. Someone who will have amazing control over what, when, how and tone to speak in?


Have you ever seen a girl and felt, she will  one day be a perfect blend of beauty and brains, someone who will end up like an ideal personality, someone who would be everyone’s envy, someone who will have brain, beauty but still does not forget humbleness


Have you ever seen a girl and felt, she will one day be a perfect homemaker, one who knows how to handle finance, help everyone around, have a lot of patience, even after all this not loose her own individuality?


Have you ever seen a girl and felt, she will be the best combination of sensitiveness and tom boyishness, someone who has knows mood swings are inevitable and can take it to her advantage, someone who can understand the mood of people around as well?.


Have you ever seen a girl, who has the right amount of imperfection, something you would totally get attracted to, I mean that small dash of vulnerability and a little absense of every thing I mentioned in above lines?


Actually I haven’t and am looking for if you have seen …do lead her over to, you know where right?. that’s right ..straight to Rambler 🙂


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  1. Looking for that perfect gal eh?! They’re very hard to find. And harder to keep for yourself coz there are many like you who’d wanna have them in their lives and keep them happy too.
    A tiny-winy doubt, “Are you any bit as the gal you seek?”

  2. Wrong place to give a matrimonial ad. 🙂
    I hate it when guys dictate terms like this. They may not be the world’s best but they want the Best Girl in the world. Too much to digest !! 😦

  3. My God! How much you think about Gurls… 😉 I can smell something fishy. Are you taking all these points to your parents to search a girl for you?
    Btw, I know a girl, perfectely bleneded with these points…….But, what I will get in-return 😀

  4. Guys I forgot to mention that well If not all of the, some of them would be good enough too.
    Or may be it would be bad to have different women with each having one of those qualities isn’t it?..polyamory is not all that bad isn’t it 🙂

    Suraksha..not necessarily..more the merrier ha 🙂

    SWAT..whats life without impossible dreams 😀 I any bit what I seek..let me see..I am not beautiful, nor brainy, nor orator..well I guess opposites really attract..

    Preethi..believe me she does 😀

    veens..what you smiling at?

    BB..I wouldn’t mind different women 🙂 front of idli wada dosa..all these girls will find a back seat 😀

    Sunshine..well I do not think its bad to want the best..even though this was written in pure sense of humor, ofcourse we all realize this is not real, there can be no one like this, but then there are things which we like..and it isn’t bad to want them

    Bundle .. definitely not more 🙂

    suma..simple as they can be 🙂

    Thanks Marja for the nice award

    Thank you paisley from the bottom of my heart..

    Neilina..think about girls..interesting..

    Saumya..whats there to confess..don’t tell me you didn’t know what I like in a woman ? 🙂

    Sands..:( tough luck I suppose..

    Goodaysunshine..yeah very simple

    Shaili.. blueberries, hands down 🙂

  5. he he…. like some others have already asked, u want alllllllllllll this in ONE girl? 😛 tough job…

    Like I have said before..I wouldn’t mind all different ones 😀

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