Closets and Minds


Today after a long time I got down to clean my closet, It had been almost three weeks since I have been piling up my washed laundry, having no mood to iron them and hang them in my closet. So today I decided its time, time to clear the closet, as I had made up my mind I decided to also do some cleanup and retire some of my clothes. 

Its a strange experience you know, going through the closet, every item bringing back some old memories, some good some bad, some old and some new. 

But one feeling which stayed with me all day today was “When the hell did I buy this one?”, “Where the hell had this shirt been all these days”.

I guess these closets are so much like our minds, aren’t they?. we find 
Things we have lost for years,
Things which surprise you that they ever existed,
Things which appear soiled and needs immediate washing,
Things which have someone find their way to the front, even though you do not like them. Somehow they find their way right to the front of the shelf.
Things which look too loud to be yours
Things which we hidden purposefully [I found a beer bottle ..of course empty behind all my shirts :)]

So whats in your closet?…


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  1. Declutter is really good for the mind and for one’s health…and what does it matter if a few old clothes find its way out..i’m sure few months down the line more will make its entry..
    and beer bottles…youck….

  2. I have a little bit of everything in my closet. A lot of clothes and shoes. Some boxes/suitcases/bags. Christmas presents I’ve been stockpiling. Inportant documents. And a bunch of stuff that isn’t even mine…

  3. I am a neat-freak and proud of it! LOL Right now, we don’t have much closet space so it’s hard to keep things the way I like to. Hopefully more space when we move in the new year.

    In terms of closets of the mind….mine is filled with memories. Some I love to bring to the front and enjoy again. Others….perhaps it’s time to send them out in a bag to get rid of, once and for all.

    great idea for a post, thanks.

  4. makes a lot of sense in both the cases..doesn’t it?
    BTW why yuck??

    Preeti..I have done this one like after 3 years of don’t worry you will find time 😀

    Silver…oooh you added what I had missed..things which weren’t even mine

    Geraldine..believe me I am not a neat freak too…but not that much of a dirty slob, atleast I claim not to be 😀

    Winnie..go ahead..whats not there in your closet? 🙂

    Neilina…not bad, I ain’t the worst 😀

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