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He stood there like a soulless pillar

With his tearless eyes,

Pale lips, dried, and wordless,

With a body straight from the shower,

Unclothed, but not naked.


She had wondered, on lonely nights,

A thought of being emotionless,

Feeling neither love,

Nor hate.


Face to face, but, 

Following their tradition,

Never looking in the eye.

The topic over at Sunday Scribblings this week is “Tradition”, I know it was meant to be on the lines of holiday tradition, but then couldn’t think about anything about the holidays, instead a thought on the traditions more like He/She series I used to write sometime back.

20 thoughts on “un-naked.

  1. OH! its superb! sounds so simple but so very deep. plies of two souls finding voice in silence.

    such a unique write up. u r an out of the box thinker and that’s why u were able to pen this one up.

    loved it. 🙂

  2. Reminds me of a relationship I once had. As negative as it was, sometimes I still long for that time…

  3. Was she also un-naked? Which tradition are you talking about here……..didn’t get exaclty! I guess I am taking more in other sense…….is simply not looking into the eyes, is the tradition? Did you mean here that special attraction that lay in the eyes?

  4. Preeti..actually its two souls having their own reasons to keep up their traditions

    Thanks Tony, but then more than intimacy, this was about the disconnect

    Thanks Tammy, Marja

    lilibeth, yep, so much not spoken, not understood

    prats.. precisely what I wanted to bring out

    Thanks Winnie

    latree..sometimes people find an escape route to prolong

    SSG..glad you said that..


    Thanks Keith

    Neilina..probably she wasn’t..tradition they always followed to carry on with their business..not bothering to look in a eye, a metaphor for not having to deal with their problems..nope no attraction, rather disconnect in them


    DC..come on, get some more words out here 🙂

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