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Random Randomness #50/08

Random Shocks:
I am one of those people who hardly get any surprises in life, kind of one who has a predictable days, day after day. Forget pleasant surprises, I seldom have unpleasant ones either, not that I want one. Today I kind of had one of the worst shocks in life, imagine being called in the middle of your lunch, by your company’s country president’s PA, and being told he wants to meet you immediately. Yep Immediately was her choice of word, and with layoffs being the flavor of the season everywhere, it was the worst shock I could every get. 

Let me tell you this guy has never met me in my almost five year stay with this company. The next 10 to 20 minutes were the worst feeling I had ever. Anyways it turned out to be a surprise and not a shock, and a pleasant one. All is well that ends well right :).

Random feelings:

Currently I have been watching two sitcoms on my laptop, both having different age group for central themes. One is set up around the teenagers life, “That 70’s show”, and the other about married guy’s humorous take on life, “Everybody loves Raymond”. When I watch an episode of ELR, I relate to his character so much, it gives me a feeling that I might be becoming a family man, makes me wonder why I like the kids humor so much, is it the time?, kind of questions.

Then I switch to an episode of 70’s show, I kind of fall back decades and feel so into the teenage life, the angst of the crushes, the tryst with booze, everything. Amazing way to be young and old at the same time


Random realizations:
Speaking of young people, have you ever felt teenagers are so very young?, if you have I think you are hitting your quarter life crisis. I guess I shouldn’t be ashamed to say I have hit one :). Just the other day I asked someone their age, and 19 came the reply, instantly I felt, wow 19, so young. What happened to me people?, I was one such, young 19 year old, when did I grow this old?.


 Random fears:
Speaking of  getting old, lately I have had a feeling that I am afraid, I am not sure of what, I am not sure from when. I guess I have been afraid of things from a long time. I do project a sense of cowardice, don’t I?. But to be honest, it is true, somehow I am afraid of doing things which are new, I don’t like to just accept unknown things.  Given a situation, I seem to be looking at, what bad can happen in it, rather than thousands of good things which can come out of it.


Random Repeats:
Here’s how a typical conversation repeats
I am so and so, from so and so company, you have been chosen for a free <fill in any commodity here>, it has these these facilities, can I ask our agents to call you for providing further details”. I would reply “sorry, I am not interested”, I will get the reply “why ma’am?

Ma’am???  Every time, either they have to get their ears checked, or I have to change my mobile phone or the network. How the hell does my voice sound feminine. Let me clarify, I have a slightly hoarse voice, still people think that I am woman. 

It never stops puzzling me.

11 thoughts on “Random Randomness #50/08

  1. hahaa…the last one reminds me of one of my school friend…When he used to pick up the phone, people have called him “Bhabhiji” and “Behenji” …how he used to hate it !! and really, how OLD are you ???

  2. “Shocks”-Yesterday I could have sworn I kept hearing my name during a conversation between my boss & her boss…made me very nervous. I must have been hearing things.
    “Realizations”-I’ve started having some of my grandmother’s mannerisms. Not just my mom’s but my grandmother’s. That worries me. I still refuse to grow up all the way, though. This weekend I’m gonna go make my own Teddy Bear. 🙂
    “Repeats”-When I answer the phone, people sometimes call me “Adam.” I can understand the confusion with Autumn, but still! I’m clearly a girl, my name isn’t Adam!!

  3. First, congrats…either you got a promotion/project or got recognized for being loyal to the organization.
    Last one. A survey said women are ruder in the given situation that you mentioned. Men are more tolerant specially if the caller has a youngish girly voice. So maybe they mistook you for a woman with a bad throat 🙂

  4. quarter life crisis.. I am having my mid life crisis remember!! This was ascertained when a 26 yr old guy called me and kept referring to me as Ma’am.. and I had to tell him.. “Hey I am not that old!! ” 😛

  5. Great news on the suprise, Rambler! Whatever it was! 😉

    And as for change and the unknown, I think that’s pretty normal to be wary of it, to not like it, but as they say, the only thing in life that is constant is change – and as for the unknown – it’s always an adventure! 🙂

  6. So…… are you going to tell?????? My palms are sweating and I don’t know if they will stop until I know!!!!!! And about that Quarter life crisis??? Try Half life crisis!!!!!!

  7. Pari..guess your friend would be as much mad as me…how old do you think I am 😀

    Bundle..Adam?..ooh sounds bad

    SWAT 😀

    Dark Knight..yeah congrats sounds good 😀

    DC..none of the three..but thanks 🙂
    hehhe this is not the first time..people of both the genders have misread my voice 😦

    Preeti..Ma’am is fine..problem starts with Aunty I guess 😀

    Vanilla..but fear isn’t great right

    Saumya..I know :(..thats the worst part

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