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With each bright rainbow,

I believe, in “our” shades,

A little lesser.


The topic over at Sunday Scribblings this time around is “I believe”, and here is my attempted Haiku on the subjct

14 thoughts on “Colors

  1. this is really simple but i had to think about it awhile… to me, it means that we don’t have individual colors, we are all the colors, like a melting pot!

  2. there is nothing more beautiful than a full array of color… when we as humans finally learn to understand that,, i believe we will be one step closer to love….

  3. Neilina..not related to death..may be I will do a post some day

    Winnie..what did you think this was about

    Thanks preeti

    Floreta…nice could mean that

    Thanks lucy

    Paisley..would you please give a little more info about your thoughts

    Thanks Anthony

    Lea..wish i meant that Lea

    Bundle..I think I should….

    pari..may be we can talk about it someday 🙂

    Thanks Gauthami..will surely visit

  4. I love to read a poem that really makes me think. This feels like a lost relationship, or one that is “slipping” away. Whatever your meaning is it has captured others into delving deeper into their own thoughts and understandings, good job. Happy New Year.

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