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Contentment..a lovely feeling

I have wondered from time to time what contentment would feel like?, you know its like trying to define your Utopia, or your idea of it. 


Being from one of middle class traditional hindu families, I have never celebrated festivals like Id or Christmas, not even socially have I got to celebrate these, as my circle of friends which was almost non existent did not celebrate them either. So holidays to these festivals was spent at  home doing nothing, or just doing the left out errands. This time Christmas was slightly different.


One of my cousins had come down to India, from the US. He is one of the people whom I have been very close to, he lived with us for about an year, and also as kids we have always bonded, over games and the innumerable fights we have had. Anyways, he had come down, and we decided to host a get together party for him and his wife at our house. It was supposed to be just our first relatives, all my father’s brothers and sisters and their families. With few people out on their annual vacation, the count had come down to around 20 of us. Me being a little too held up at work, was kind of not in the party mood.


People started trickling in from morning, even though the plan was to meet for lunch. Its fun talking to my uncles, and aunts, I have always loved my conversations with them, its always filled with laughter. There is something amazing about a loud laughter coming from old people, its like telling us whats wrong with you, when we after seeing so many ups and downs in life can laugh our hearts out, why can’t you young ones do it.  There is this is mystical feel to the laughter, when it is around people you care, you begin to get sucked into it. So the grumpy me kind of eased into the day, with chuckles and by mid day I was laughing out loud.


Food is always a big thing in our households, as most of us do enjoy eating. You can be eating a common dish, something you eat everyday, but you put some 20 laughing mouths in a hall, and feed them something even ordinary, it begins to taste heavenly. And when it comes to good food, in such an environment, the feeling you get is just truly unexplainable. So there I was eating an extra helping out of my plate, a dish which I generally do not prefer, feeling the taste on my tongue. As I was looking at people whom I have hated and loved at times, with kids around enjoying one of the odd occasions when they get to be pampered by us, lunch kind of just moved up a couple of notches in my view.


The evening too ended up being an open court, for hot topics, ranging from religions beliefs, to finance, to even gender bias and divide. Of course nowadays none of the discussions at my house can end without bringing up the topic of my marriage, or the idea of possible suggestions for a suitable bride. Anyways it so happened that this day, it kind of hardly bothered me.


At the end of that day, when I went to bed, I had a thought in my head, how amazing contentment feels like.

15 thoughts on “Contentment..a lovely feeling

  1. Wow! I haven’t had that kind of family gathering since I was a small child. I was raised in a quiet environment. Just me, my mom & whichever man she was on @ the moment. As a result, my definition of contentment would include a peaceful feeling, being calm & relaxed. It’s good to know you had a good time! 😀

  2. 🙂

    I would say the feeling lingered from your mind 🙂 in different set of circumstances, you would have complained about the noise and the nosy relatives who are extra loud extra bossy etc etc..

    And yet, it was the right time to meet people..

    Having said that, its amazing when one meets all the relatives and has the talks and the laughs.. I generally forget how it feels until its “new year” meaning time to visit my grandma.. thats where everyone comes …

    Its really sad actually.. We live in same cities an yet I meet her only in functions and on new year 🙂

  3. I just love this environment!! But I never get to feel this ‘contentment’ feeling……donno why, “ye dil Mange More’ funda just peeps-up! May be when you are contented, you just don’t want anything………fully satisfied!

  4. I am so happy that you are full of this beautiful memory and experience!

    May you have many more, coming when you least expect them, so that they are a gift of the moment, stringing together into your wonderous life…

    Happy New Year Rambler!!!

  5. Ah, being content feels amazing doesnt it ?
    Depends you know, in what you find your heart’s content. A family gathering is good.
    Happy New Year.

  6. I have always loved these big noisy family gathering that were a part of our lives since childhood…we laughed easily and compromised effortlessly….good to know you had a good time!

  7. May you find wholesome contentment this year,even if it had a bad start.

    Sorry about your Uncle,may he find eternal solace.

    Take care.God Bless!

  8. Well, at least “it kind of hardly bothered” you!

    Sounds like you had a great day. I find more of these social gatherings over here in Europe than I did in the states. Perhaps too many Americans have lost their sense of priorities…..materialism, work etc… over people, family and friends….

    Contentment is, I think, just a matter of accepting yourself. When you accept yourself as you, then all that happens is seen through the eyes of contentment.


  9. Bundle..contentment might not have been just because of the gathering, it was the whole thing, the food, the laughter, the family everything..

    Thanks Pari

    Meena..may be the rarity is what that makes it so special 🙂

    Neilina, I totally understand what you mean by wanting more, I have been so much like you, but that day I felt very satisfied

    SWAT..see I am not all that mad 😀

    Thank you Vanilla

    Thank you so much Lea

    Thanks Paisley so much does

    Shaili..glad you could relate to this

    thanks Pri

    Thanks Sameera

    Jon, I did have a very good day

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