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Back into land of honeys and sweeties


I had a feeling that I am gonna wake up and I will be back in my room, yelling out for a cup of coffee. I just had a feeling this was just gonna be one of those late night movie sessions I have, when I wake up, and I have a faint remembrance of the movie. Unfortunately when you wake up in the middle of the night and you have nothing else to do, but try to see if you can hook up your laptop with the old dial up setup, that’s when it hits you hard, a feeling of sheer stupidity, a feeling of what on this sane earth made you sign up for a half year long, boring and lonely life, with more and more work, and a whole lot of non rewarding responsibilities.

I guess flight wasn’t all that bad, even though the slowdown has affected the freebies and once upon a time highly claimed hospitality of the business and the first class of these airlines. I spent most of my time in there, watching movies, and eating stuff that’s been put it in front of me. For a change there was no crying baby in all the three flights, now that’s a first. I also ended up next to a good looking Indian girl in one of these flights. Unfortunately she was as “non” social, as me, so 10 hours were spent without even a word being spoken.

A cup of coffee is what I made, first of my many cooking experiments that will follow in the coming days. Early morning coffee, on my balcony seeing sunrise, is what I did not expect my first morning in the new city to be. But little did I know there was another pleasant surprise waiting for me, I get onto the balcony and look up, and there it was, a lovely rainbow, isn’t that a great welcome?, oh man this was almost dreamy.

I wanted this to be a short day at work, where I would walk in, do some mails, and get back. Dependence is such a curse in this big country, to travel 1.2 miles, I was almost made to wait 4 hours, now doesn’t that suck?. Anyways I just hope this dependence ends as soon as possible.

This place has the most funny weather I have ever seen, within a span of 36 hours, I got to see all possible extremes. Rain and rainbow, a hot sunny day, subzero temperature for about a day, and then followed by a pleasant day, with sun and moderate chill. I think my body is much confused as me with this weather, my appetite is slowing down, and racing up at odd hours, and my sleep is now almost stable, but still kind of hits me at unknown intervals.

Driving back on these roads was as scary as I had imagined to me, having to drive in the downtown traffic and a high speed freeway to start up didn’t help much either, I almost drove without making a mistake, only to make one in an empty street.

Three days of cooking and the whole taste is coming back, just hoping to ease into my routine of work cooking and a relaxed worriless mind. Worriless mind, there’s nothing wrong in dreaming a little isn’t it?.

Anyways coming back to the title, don’t get me wrong, no one flirting with me here, yet ..however the use of these words, which flow easily out of women here, a little embarrassing isn’t it?


What does “VR” mean to you…


Have always wanted to ask you people this, what do the words “Virtual Ramblings” mean to you?..what comes to your mind when you read the name of this blog?…just curious to know how this blog name comes across..

On a side note, I  will be out of blogging for a short period, may be couple of days..I might not be able to read my google reader as well during this hope to meet you guys once I am back..and keep those interpretations of VR coming…



On days 
“I”  wonder,
If little spurts 
Of company
“He” chooses
For “me”

“His” ways
Of guiding  “me”
Off “my” path.

“His” ways
Of  tuning “me”
Off  key,


 As though
“he” can read 
“my” fear,

 He walks “me”
back into,
“my” lanes.

Keys “me”
Back into,
“my” notes.

Returning “me“,
To “my”

Topic over at Sunday Scribblings today is Piligrimage, and here’s my take on the topic in my usual 55 words style.[it had been some time since I did this].  


In “my” piligrimage, “I” chose no companions, and “he” obliged.
On a totally different not, the pure pursuits has come back to life let me know your thoughts on the matter.

Random Randomness #1/09


Random irks:
A very common notion about people who work in the IT wing, is that they work very late, they are always busy, they never come home on time, and they always miss a social gathering, or make a customary late visit. In fact, even people who work in the IT industry and know what goes on in our lives, believe that this is the case. Even though I do not deny it fully, I think this is not really true always, we have a lot of work pressure and even work at weird times to match our clients, but then its untrue that we work late everyday, or cannot make it to a social gathering. I have taken this wrong notion to my advantage many times, to avoid going to places where otherwise I would be obligated to go. Sometimes it annoys me though, when you go to attend a birthday party, or a marriage reception of people who matter to you, or sometimes you are bored, and just want to meet people, and they come up to you and say, how come you are early today. GUYS! 8PM is NOT early, and no please don’t give me a look as if you think I am jobless.

 Random troubles:
There are people who can be totally grumpy looking, or if not grumpy just not happy looking, and then you put them in front of the camera, and they can fake amazing smiles, OK I know not all people fake, so lets say some people can just smile heartily in front of the camera. There are others like me, who have not been taught how to smile for the camera, you put me in front of it, and the stiffness automatically creeps in you know, the kind of look on your face when you get summoned into the head master’s office or something. And then the photographer would go, sir smile please, as if I didn’t know I had to, and then I try the best I can, and then the adjustments with the frame begin, sir look straight, down a bit, a little left, a little right, at the end of all this, he expects me still remain smiling?, what am I? Jim Carry?.. Anyways, so at end he asks me to smile again, and I try my level best, and there he clicks. Worst 10 minutes of that day I suppose. No wait, the worst is yet to come, in a small pack of 4 replicas, and the worst, me, smiling like a cartoon.

Random visualizations:
We all have a vision, or ought to right?, but there are some visions we get, for which we have no clue, what they mean, or what they are supposed to mean, or why are we seeing them. 
Every night, I have this practice of closing my eyes and then trying to see things in the dark, before I sleep. And invariably every time I close my eyes, I see a tree, or something shaped like it. 
A single guy like me, is supposed to be seeing lsomeone ike a film star or a celebrity if not naked ladies, or a woman he likes, or atleast the girl next door, but no, every time I close my eyes, I see a tree. 
Try this at home, close your eyes and try to see in the dirk, lets see what do you see.

 Random Realizations:
Speaking of birthday parties, I recently attended a 60th birthday of one of my uncle, and one thing that struck me was that, for as long as I can remember I have never cut a cake, lets leave out first seven years of my life, I don’t remember much as to how I celebrated my birthday back then, but then onwards I don’t remember a single occurrence when I cut cake. Well actually I am not repenting or either hinting that I missed out on things, but just realized that I haven’t. 

 Random wonders:
What is this thing with women and haircuts, no I am not bothered about the haircuts women get themselves, it’s the constant nagging of women to get their husbands get one, actually its generic, not just husbands, to guys in general. I have had this umpteen occasions when I have heard from my mom, why don’t you go get yourself a haircut, ok I agree its not MOM like if they leave us with a long hair, but then you know I don’t sport long hair, Infact throughout I have had short hair, but then if I let them grow by a weak too more,  she is behind my back. Its not just her, every one of my female cousins, and wives of my male cousins who are generally very close to me, come up with this line time to time, “why haven’t you gone for a hair cut this time”, or something like, why don’t you both get a hair cut done [This is a collective proposal, throwing in my cousin, their husband along with me]. I always wonder, what’s with women and haircuts.

Random thoughts:
Why are kids wired this way?, you know you look at them and they can be so pleasant, almost adorable, and the same kids can be at times the worst nightmares, you know how much they can trouble you, what must go on in their minds I wonder, what makes them do things they do, what makes them to be so stubborn for things. Every time I see a badly behaved kids, invariably my blame goes to their parents, and I at times pity them, you know it must be really embarrassing for them having to put up with really badly behaved kids, and how bad they must be feeling when they are outside in other’s house, and kids kind of screw up their image. I have a bad tolerance level when it comes to people, even grown up adults, I wonder how, I would handle, a badly behaved kid, if I were to be responsible for them.




Celebrating Life,

Forever continuing our,

Organic banter.



Topic over at Sunday Scribblings this week is “Organic“..I almost gave up because this was one of the toughest topics I have written about, mainly because this word does not belong to my day to day vocabulary, some how squeezed this haiku out..hope it makes some sense…

All in a day



The new year saw me traveling on the very first day, and being the lazy ass that I am, I seem to have had something to sulk about every single step of the journey.

I reached the railway station, about 45 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Bangaluru international airport 0

The long travel to the airport meant that I chose, the closer option, Railways, and having never traveled executive class in Indian railways, I kind of looked forward to the journey

The train was 20 minutes late to start with, this made me sit and sulk at the station, waiting impatiently for the train to come. This also meant that I was few pages into the book I had with me even before I stepped into the train.

Even though the train was late, I was really surprised with the hospitality shown in the executive class, its almost like the business class air travel, except that there is no alcohol. 

I was happy to know that I got the best possible seat in the coach, right next to a window. Actually its more like right next to a opaque wall, where there had to be a window, and now its just a dummy border left behind

For most part of the five hour journey, I was trying not to look front. It turned out that a middle aged couple in the front seat had come with a plan to educate me with their version of “In train” entertainment, PDA, just imagine having to see a coochie-coo-ing couple every time you lift your head from your book. Well if you think why it is that big a deal to me, you can check my thoughts over here.

The next day, got myself out of bed very early, its fun to be in a nice hot shower early in the morning, not having to worry about how much water is left in the tank isn’t it?.

So what is this with the new age females, well on one side people say women need equality, more respect, more responsibility, and here I was standing in one of the premiere places  and I see many girls being accompanied by their dad’s for the interviews. Its clearly mentioned in the interview letter, that the applicant should not be accompanied, and the anybody apart from the applicant are not allowed, still these girls want their dads to tag along. May be in many cases, it was not the girls who wanted, but the dad’s who could not let their girls go alone. Don’t you trust your girls?, so if you think they can’t even attend the interviews alone, how do you think they will manage all alone later once they get through?, man beats my logic. What happened to feminism, and self sufficiency. 

So while at Chennai, I had a terrible sense of directions, I must have got lost like 3 times within a span of 3 hours, within a short radius of 100 mts, I could see myself taking out the map I had, and almost stepping on it to get a sense of direction, remember the friends episode where Joey tries to use the map in London, by stepping on to it?, I almost did that here.

What happens when you leave a guy alone at an unknown city, with not much to do, and a landmark near by?, well a financial disaster is what that happens. I kind of went on a book shopping spree for few hours in the hot and stinky city. Here’s the list

The mysteries of Pittsburgh”  Michael Chabon

The unbearable lightness of being” Milan Kundera

The beautiful basics of science” Natalie Angier

The broken wings” Kahlil Gibran

Catch 22” Joseph Heller

While at Chennai I also got to do one thing which I had not done for quite some time now, visit a café alone. I entered this posh looking CCD on some road, it looked up scale shopping complex, as it had only high priced shops like Hi-design, and Ritu Beri’s boutique and stuff. I entered, settled into a small corner sipping my usual Latte. It was kind of deserted, being the fore noon of a working day.

Finally I got to read a local news paper, which happened to carry an article about the new and hep pick up line of the season. Apparently women are falling for “happy new year”, and it is the new ice breaker around the town of Chennai. Guys remember, next time around you are in a bar in Chennai, and see a good looking woman whom you wan’t to pick start with “happy new year”

Thoda wish karo


I had a new year resolution for 2008, and am so happy that I could keep that up for the whole year, this time around I thought of looking at what I wish for myself and then come up with resolutions to fulfil them. So here go my top 3 wishes.


1. I guess this could have been all 5 wishes :).. Reduce anger and be calmer.

I hate to see myself angry, and always feel bad about it once I cool off. So I guess the first resolution is to fight anger, realistically  I will try not to be angry on any of my family members, and try and increase my tolerance and patience levels.


2. I wish for a healthier lifestyle. 

I think I have a very unhealthy lifestyle, without any proper excercises. So I guess the next thing would be to go for a walk atleast 4 days per week, either in the morning or in the evening, just go out and enjoy a nice breeze.


3. I wish I am more comfortable in formal clothes.

The other day I tried to get into a formal shirt, and was feeling so uneasy for the two hours for which I wore it. I felt stupid all the time. So thats when I decided, I got to be comfortable in formals. I guess my first step towards this would be to buy a formal trousers, I just realized I don’t have any, nor do I have a pair of formal shoes anymore.

Not bad ha, three wishes, three resolutions. Will keep you guys posted on my progress on these 🙂