Thoda wish karo


I had a new year resolution for 2008, and am so happy that I could keep that up for the whole year, this time around I thought of looking at what I wish for myself and then come up with resolutions to fulfil them. So here go my top 3 wishes.


1. I guess this could have been all 5 wishes :).. Reduce anger and be calmer.

I hate to see myself angry, and always feel bad about it once I cool off. So I guess the first resolution is to fight anger, realistically  I will try not to be angry on any of my family members, and try and increase my tolerance and patience levels.


2. I wish for a healthier lifestyle. 

I think I have a very unhealthy lifestyle, without any proper excercises. So I guess the next thing would be to go for a walk atleast 4 days per week, either in the morning or in the evening, just go out and enjoy a nice breeze.


3. I wish I am more comfortable in formal clothes.

The other day I tried to get into a formal shirt, and was feeling so uneasy for the two hours for which I wore it. I felt stupid all the time. So thats when I decided, I got to be comfortable in formals. I guess my first step towards this would be to buy a formal trousers, I just realized I don’t have any, nor do I have a pair of formal shoes anymore.

Not bad ha, three wishes, three resolutions. Will keep you guys posted on my progress on these 🙂


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  1. You know, you don’t come across as being an angry person. I’ve always saw you as calm. Good luck with your resolutions!

  2. not bad at all!! all the best to you for keeping up to them 🙂
    and if u dont manage to, then we can take solace from the fact that resolutions are meant to be broken anyways 😉

  3. Thanks people for all the best wishes 🙂

    silver..really?..just speak to my mom 🙂 too?..thats surprising our wishes matched hehhe

    pri..hopefully I will keep up with the resolutions

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