All in a day



The new year saw me traveling on the very first day, and being the lazy ass that I am, I seem to have had something to sulk about every single step of the journey.

I reached the railway station, about 45 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Bangaluru international airport 0

The long travel to the airport meant that I chose, the closer option, Railways, and having never traveled executive class in Indian railways, I kind of looked forward to the journey

The train was 20 minutes late to start with, this made me sit and sulk at the station, waiting impatiently for the train to come. This also meant that I was few pages into the book I had with me even before I stepped into the train.

Even though the train was late, I was really surprised with the hospitality shown in the executive class, its almost like the business class air travel, except that there is no alcohol. 

I was happy to know that I got the best possible seat in the coach, right next to a window. Actually its more like right next to a opaque wall, where there had to be a window, and now its just a dummy border left behind

For most part of the five hour journey, I was trying not to look front. It turned out that a middle aged couple in the front seat had come with a plan to educate me with their version of “In train” entertainment, PDA, just imagine having to see a coochie-coo-ing couple every time you lift your head from your book. Well if you think why it is that big a deal to me, you can check my thoughts over here.

The next day, got myself out of bed very early, its fun to be in a nice hot shower early in the morning, not having to worry about how much water is left in the tank isn’t it?.

So what is this with the new age females, well on one side people say women need equality, more respect, more responsibility, and here I was standing in one of the premiere places  and I see many girls being accompanied by their dad’s for the interviews. Its clearly mentioned in the interview letter, that the applicant should not be accompanied, and the anybody apart from the applicant are not allowed, still these girls want their dads to tag along. May be in many cases, it was not the girls who wanted, but the dad’s who could not let their girls go alone. Don’t you trust your girls?, so if you think they can’t even attend the interviews alone, how do you think they will manage all alone later once they get through?, man beats my logic. What happened to feminism, and self sufficiency. 

So while at Chennai, I had a terrible sense of directions, I must have got lost like 3 times within a span of 3 hours, within a short radius of 100 mts, I could see myself taking out the map I had, and almost stepping on it to get a sense of direction, remember the friends episode where Joey tries to use the map in London, by stepping on to it?, I almost did that here.

What happens when you leave a guy alone at an unknown city, with not much to do, and a landmark near by?, well a financial disaster is what that happens. I kind of went on a book shopping spree for few hours in the hot and stinky city. Here’s the list

The mysteries of Pittsburgh”  Michael Chabon

The unbearable lightness of being” Milan Kundera

The beautiful basics of science” Natalie Angier

The broken wings” Kahlil Gibran

Catch 22” Joseph Heller

While at Chennai I also got to do one thing which I had not done for quite some time now, visit a café alone. I entered this posh looking CCD on some road, it looked up scale shopping complex, as it had only high priced shops like Hi-design, and Ritu Beri’s boutique and stuff. I entered, settled into a small corner sipping my usual Latte. It was kind of deserted, being the fore noon of a working day.

Finally I got to read a local news paper, which happened to carry an article about the new and hep pick up line of the season. Apparently women are falling for “happy new year”, and it is the new ice breaker around the town of Chennai. Guys remember, next time around you are in a bar in Chennai, and see a good looking woman whom you wan’t to pick start with “happy new year”


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  1. Sounds like quite the adventure! I get excited if I can just manage to get myself to the hairdresser for a wash & cut. 🙂 I think that while I’m running errands this weekend, I’m going to go to a coffee shop & just sit for a while. Yeah, I sit @ home, but even sitting someplace else might be refreshing. lol

  2. The mall was obviously Ispahani Centre and it is usually crowded in the evenings by wannabe college students. 🙂
    And the list of books is really good, can’t wait to bribe you into visiting Chennai again and giving me some of those to read
    And “hot and stinky”? If I was one of those Chennai defenders who never stopped to think, I might have said something here,but I agree with you, so will just keep my lips shut.
    And it is cold here right now and has been raining since yesterday, so more fun to be had in this city instead, yay!

  3. This made me laugh. Yes. I will choose the railways too. And its really irritating to be cooped up with-coochie cooing couples in a train compartment. Maybe someday I should write about my journey! Hmmm. Just ignore the dads. Focus on the girls 🙂 I am terrible with direction too! So no worries as long we get to where we are going, we are ok…right! And you must have been in Ishpani Center on Nungambakkum Rd. 🙂 Next time ask for for Sam….he is the manager 🙂

  4. bundle..let me know how your coffee show visit turned out..sounds interesting 🙂

    suma..yeah I did :)..but why disbelief?

    CR..too easy to bribe me you know..all you need is a couple of mouth watering dishes to tempt me 😀

    Vanilla..yeah I am catching up on the oldies I have missed

    DC..would be fun to read a female perspective on the coochie-cooing couples 😀
    Sam ha?..well that looked like a cool cafe..quite spacious

    Shaili..say everything over here 🙂 it that cheap at strands?

    Thanks Mark

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