Celebrating Life,

Forever continuing our,

Organic banter.



Topic over at Sunday Scribblings this week is “Organic“..I almost gave up because this was one of the toughest topics I have written about, mainly because this word does not belong to my day to day vocabulary, some how squeezed this haiku out..hope it makes some sense…


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  1. The lines of the Haiku haven’t made me to think much as the title you have put for this post! And really, it goes so well with these lines….infact, just deep!

  2. Are you sure our ramblings are organic – A lot of what we think comes from adapting thoughts and opinions of others – A true organic line of thought would be that comes from our own beliefs. You think?

    Thanks for visiting my pages. I have a tagged blog too – hope you will add to that as well.

  3. Thanks people..

    Floreta..actually I meant the life as in our an organic banter with involving our body..which we kind of celebrate as life

    Asma..actually I meant life as in a mere a organic far as thoughts go..very interesting take..should it be organic

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  5. Hello, Rambler. Thanks for visiting my site . . . Your haiku is very compressed. What I liked best was the linking of birthdays to celebration. I get the sense from your poem that our lives are cyclical and organic, and that’s a reason to celebrate.

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