Random Randomness #1/09


Random irks:
A very common notion about people who work in the IT wing, is that they work very late, they are always busy, they never come home on time, and they always miss a social gathering, or make a customary late visit. In fact, even people who work in the IT industry and know what goes on in our lives, believe that this is the case. Even though I do not deny it fully, I think this is not really true always, we have a lot of work pressure and even work at weird times to match our clients, but then its untrue that we work late everyday, or cannot make it to a social gathering. I have taken this wrong notion to my advantage many times, to avoid going to places where otherwise I would be obligated to go. Sometimes it annoys me though, when you go to attend a birthday party, or a marriage reception of people who matter to you, or sometimes you are bored, and just want to meet people, and they come up to you and say, how come you are early today. GUYS! 8PM is NOT early, and no please don’t give me a look as if you think I am jobless.

 Random troubles:
There are people who can be totally grumpy looking, or if not grumpy just not happy looking, and then you put them in front of the camera, and they can fake amazing smiles, OK I know not all people fake, so lets say some people can just smile heartily in front of the camera. There are others like me, who have not been taught how to smile for the camera, you put me in front of it, and the stiffness automatically creeps in you know, the kind of look on your face when you get summoned into the head master’s office or something. And then the photographer would go, sir smile please, as if I didn’t know I had to, and then I try the best I can, and then the adjustments with the frame begin, sir look straight, down a bit, a little left, a little right, at the end of all this, he expects me still remain smiling?, what am I? Jim Carry?.. Anyways, so at end he asks me to smile again, and I try my level best, and there he clicks. Worst 10 minutes of that day I suppose. No wait, the worst is yet to come, in a small pack of 4 replicas, and the worst, me, smiling like a cartoon.

Random visualizations:
We all have a vision, or ought to right?, but there are some visions we get, for which we have no clue, what they mean, or what they are supposed to mean, or why are we seeing them. 
Every night, I have this practice of closing my eyes and then trying to see things in the dark, before I sleep. And invariably every time I close my eyes, I see a tree, or something shaped like it. 
A single guy like me, is supposed to be seeing lsomeone ike a film star or a celebrity if not naked ladies, or a woman he likes, or atleast the girl next door, but no, every time I close my eyes, I see a tree. 
Try this at home, close your eyes and try to see in the dirk, lets see what do you see.

 Random Realizations:
Speaking of birthday parties, I recently attended a 60th birthday of one of my uncle, and one thing that struck me was that, for as long as I can remember I have never cut a cake, lets leave out first seven years of my life, I don’t remember much as to how I celebrated my birthday back then, but then onwards I don’t remember a single occurrence when I cut cake. Well actually I am not repenting or either hinting that I missed out on things, but just realized that I haven’t. 

 Random wonders:
What is this thing with women and haircuts, no I am not bothered about the haircuts women get themselves, it’s the constant nagging of women to get their husbands get one, actually its generic, not just husbands, to guys in general. I have had this umpteen occasions when I have heard from my mom, why don’t you go get yourself a haircut, ok I agree its not MOM like if they leave us with a long hair, but then you know I don’t sport long hair, Infact throughout I have had short hair, but then if I let them grow by a weak too more,  she is behind my back. Its not just her, every one of my female cousins, and wives of my male cousins who are generally very close to me, come up with this line time to time, “why haven’t you gone for a hair cut this time”, or something like, why don’t you both get a hair cut done [This is a collective proposal, throwing in my cousin, their husband along with me]. I always wonder, what’s with women and haircuts.

Random thoughts:
Why are kids wired this way?, you know you look at them and they can be so pleasant, almost adorable, and the same kids can be at times the worst nightmares, you know how much they can trouble you, what must go on in their minds I wonder, what makes them do things they do, what makes them to be so stubborn for things. Every time I see a badly behaved kids, invariably my blame goes to their parents, and I at times pity them, you know it must be really embarrassing for them having to put up with really badly behaved kids, and how bad they must be feeling when they are outside in other’s house, and kids kind of screw up their image. I have a bad tolerance level when it comes to people, even grown up adults, I wonder how, I would handle, a badly behaved kid, if I were to be responsible for them.


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  1. Camera shy? hehe..reminds me of that FRIENDS episode, where Chandler has his share of fun in front of the camera ! I so agree with the not-so-well behaving kids…I hate them at times like that! Once, one of those nasty ones had made me trip in a shopping mall…owww…how can I not hate them ! 😀

  2. Irk-If it’s any consolation, I’ve never thought any such thing about IT folks.
    Trouble-I’ve been fortunate. For many years, I was the youngest cousin in my family. As such, people were always pointing cameras @ me & telling me to smile. I got pretty good @ it.
    Visualization-Mine’s a sphere of shifting colors.
    Wonder-The only time I tell my husband it’s time for a haircut is when he wears a cap & his hair comes out like wings underneath it. It looks stupid. Actually, he’s the one who’s always looking @ young men & saying “Why don’t they cut their hair or at least comb it?” & I say “It’s the style, dear. You sound so old.”
    Thoughts-It depends on the age of the child. I worked in daycare for years & learned that small people have lower tolerance for the restrictions of good behavior. Especially if they’re someplace that’s novel to them. They want to wander & explore & their parents generally try to rein them in & the children haven’t built the skills to handle disappointment well, so it usually comes out as a tantrum. I’m generally pretty understanding of small children throwing fits, but the sound really bothers me!

  3. Wow caught you while bloghopping and followed your link here, it has been ages since I came here….nice to see you are doing great. I close my eyes and see black, nothing…though my mind plays a movie very colorful…even more so than when my eyes are open…so if all you see is a single object over and over again, you sure have a lot of concentration and focus, and in control of your mind most of the time…

  4. nice randomness out here, rambler 🙂

    trouble in front of the camera? wait till you get married… those jaws are gonna ache!

    visualization: never really dwelled on that…must try it…

  5. The last time my husband came home with a “bad” haircut, I said that’s it! I now cut his hair, and have only myself to blame if he needs a haircut!!!

    When you have your own kids… you will find that you will understand (not handle) them just fine!!! It’s the unknown of what if that was me that makes us crazy!!!

    Have you looked under that tree that you see in the dark???

  6. A tree? Uh, what kind of tree? I bet its the tree of knowledge….

    Have you tried looking around it because they say that behind every tree is a naked woman!

    You think dreaming of trees is bad….I still, after 15yrs of marriage, dream of my WIFE!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH……….. (:>)

  7. Irks – Well, what can I say on this……….Just same pinch!
    troubles – For me it is totally opposite. There are others like me, who have not been taught how to have stiffness in front of camera. For me, everytime I get scolding to keep smile as short as possible 😀
    Visualizations- After reading your visualization, I am also seeing a tree now! 🙂
    Realizations – You love cutting cakes?
    wonders – Same between me and my brother!
    thoughts – In some advertisements also, when I see these misbehaved kids, I just want to go inside the TV and want to give handsome lecture to all of them…..

  8. Hi Rambler Still a happy New year. Happy to be back. I know a few IT people and they spent many hours at “work” according to their wives.
    I think you can seperate most real smiles from fake ones
    I already day dream to much so won’t do your exercise and about good/ bad kids Mine are both and yes I get both the praise and the blame even if I have nothing to do with it.
    Aroha, Marja

  9. Random irks: Dont you think its the IT ppl who propagate such myth ?

    Random troubles: I was camera shy for a long time.. but I realized, if I am really enjoying myself.. however bad the picture is.. it brings out happy memories.. since that realization.. surprisingly.. I have become more photogenic.. I guess the key is in enjoying the attention 🙂

    Random visualizations: Funny thing is when I try to visualize firstly I see random patterns. like spectrals and all in diff colors.. sometimes few ppl’s face.. ppl I have never met before :O :O never a tree though 😛

    Random Realizations: I never cut cake until I was in hostel.. and there I cut twice for every budday.. since then I cut may be 2 times 🙂 So 8-9 times nearly.. not bad no ? I do remember old times.. when dad used to buy cakes and the day before itself.. me n my sis would slowly eat away the cream 🙂

    Random wonders: Umm am not sure.. whats it .. but I remember nagging my male friends to get a hair cut.. must be genetic or something 😀 😀

    Random thoughts: If kids misbehave.. it is the parents fault.. for a kid overacts if it feels ignored or if its bored or plain needy.. under all these circumstances.. its the parents who should teach the kids what to do.. or may be carry few toys or something

  10. Pari..which episode of friends?..man I thought I knew friends like back of my hand :D..and what happened to the maternal instincts women are supposed to have in plenty 😀

    Bundle..you know what its more of an Indian thing to think IT people as overworking loosers…lucky you wrt to cameras…shifting colors?..what do they form…you know I am not talking about long hair..but even if it is slightly more they crib

    UL welcome back..long time ..control of my mind..makes me feel very goo d:)

    suma..don’t remind me of that :)…try visualizations and let me know what you see

    saumya..am I not a cartoon?

    Jon..should try to look behind one time …lol ..as long its a dream of wife its good..hope it ain’t a nightmare..lol

    Vanilla..you too?

    Neilina..i don’t like cutting cakes..rather never know if I like it or not..

    Deepti..welcome here..what do you see if not a tree?

    Marja..how do you react to such blames?

    Meena.. yes I think we do in ways..if thats the key it aint going to happen any time with respect to me :)…faces ha..sounds good..not bad at all ..you too ..whats with women and hair..hmm want to hear this when you are a parent 🙂

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